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  1. Higgsy's Zetec S Thread

    a vauxhall character in a ford :O !!! shocking lol
  2. My Focus Titanium <3

    yea a friend of mine does wrapping and window tints... he has an adhessive he sprays on first then the wrap goes on which hed heat with a heat gun... with the initial adhessivethis would allow you to move the wrap around and then when you apply pressure it would stick solid... my friend had a unit he works from in essex if your interested
  3. Tyre Suggestion On 17" Zetec S Alloys??

    thanks for the links... very helpfull looks like im torn between the goodyear efficient grip performance and the continental sport contact 5!! anyone used both?? the goodyear seem to have better fuel efficiency but not sure if it would look odd having the 2 front tyres different to the back. as it looks as though the continetal have more of a lip over the alloy
  4. Hi all, As stated above i think i will be needing new tryes soon. I currently have the origional continental tryes on, any ideas on how much they cost or has anyone changed their tyres for something else... cheers in advance
  5. Hyrule's Build Thread

    Hmm I'm with Hastings and wernt charged anything for my rear parking sensors or tinted windows...
  6. Washer Nozzle Splatter

    Yea it's a common problem... I've also fitted 3 non return valves which haven't solved the problem
  7. What Tint Is Best On My Focus Zetec S?

    Thanks... I have fitted reverse parking sensors and have the dual Cree reverse parking lights but without those I'd be stuffed and they're not even limo black lol
  8. What Tint Is Best On My Focus Zetec S?

    hi paul, i persoanlly think limo black is too dark... i went with the next shade up not the best pic as i was in an underground carpark and the lighting makes the tints look slightly darker, but you get the idea...
  9. Window Tinting

    Haha yea I have as it goes lol
  10. Window Tinting

    Oh ok yea guess that makes sense
  11. Window Tinting

    Ok so this might sound stupid but what is the actual reason for the tint shade being illegal, as many drivers seem to drive around with sun glasses on lol I'd love to see a copper doing a light test on a pair of sunnys haha
  12. Window Tinting

    So I wonder why tinting firms claim it is illegal seen as it is there career you'd think they would know??
  13. Window Tinting

    But it sounds a lot it's actually not... And it's no worse than wearing sun glasses I guess
  14. Window Tinting

    Well technically the law is you can't have any tints on any fronts windows as of 2004 i believe... Ask any tinting firm!
  15. Window Tinting

    had an 18% tint on the rear windows and a 55% tint on the fronts... also got the covex light tints on the rear lights...