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  1. Audio Equipment Issues

    I have a new style Ford Focus Titanium which was new in March 2011. I got an iPod for Christmas which I've now got connected in the Focus via USB and audio jack cable. All been ok for the past couple of weeks. This evening, I plugged it in before I left work and closed the glove box door, as soon as I did, the centre console lights and display went out however the radio was still playing. So I switched the ignition off, waited a bit and started the car again. No centre console lights, no display and now no sound. I did all the usual stuff of unplugging the iPod and plugging it in again, turning it off, tried turning the radio on and off, pressing the CD/radio/phone/aux buttons. Nothing. I unplugged the iPod and drove off, no music and no illumination from the centre console. Everything else was ok, the doors locked with the button and the light came on, the hazards work but the red button doesn't illuminate. The climate control isn't affected and still works. Since getting home, I have checked the relevant fuses in the fusebox in the book and in the passenger footwell. All appear to be ok and no sign of one popping. Can anyone offer any advice or something to check that I might've missed? Or perhaps suggest what might've caused this? I suspect I'll have to take it in to my local Ford dealer. Thanks in advance, Adam Smith
  2. Focus Locks Itself After A Minute Or So

    I wouldn't rule it out - I didn't see this thread before I started mine on auto-lock earlier - my Focus managed to lock me out with my keys in. Adam
  3. Auto-Lock Issues?

    Not that I'm aware of. There's certainly nothing in the manual about it. Then again, I do find the manual to be too vague in parts. I would love to be proved wrong though. I had the Corsa for 5 years from new so I'm not used to having to lock the doors manually when I get in - keep forgetting. It was such a useful feature and one of the few things I miss about the Corsa. Adam
  4. Auto-Lock Issues?

    Hi there, I'm new here but joined when I got my Focus Titanium at the beginning of this month. This is my first Ford. Anyway, I had a bit of a dilemma last Wednesday. I left work, walked to my car and unlocked it then put the keys in my coat pocket. I opened the rear offside door and put my coat on the back seat and closed the door. Knowing that the car will start if the keys are in the car, I didn't see this as an issue. As I was about to open the drivers door, there was that dreaded clunk! The car had locked itself with the keys inside... and me outside! This was all within around 30 seconds from unlocking to closing the rear door. Luckily I didn't put my phone in my coat so I was able to call my wife and she came with the spare key. I didn't think this would be possible? I've even tried to replicate last Wednesday at home but with no joy; the car stays unlocked. It has never locked itself when I'm inside with the keys with ignition off or on. In fact I'd like it to auto-lock itself once I'm in and driving. On my Corsa prior to the Focus, I had it set it up so the doors automatically locked once I started driving. I'm now very careful about keeping a hold of my car keys until I'm in the car! Has any one had similar issues? And can anyone explain why the above happened - is there a problem or is this one of those cases of very bad timing?? Thanks in advance guys. Adam
  5. Hey

    Hi there, I'm a recent Ford convert (from Vauxhall) having only just taken delivery of my new Focus Titanium TDCI in Candy Red. Adam