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  1. 05 Galaxy Dvd Multimedia Pack Fault

    Found the answer via the talkford forum which is blindingly simple. You have to have the head unit turned on before using the remote to power on the screens. I don't understand why this should be the case as the sound doesn't come out of the main car speakers but there you go, Problem solved.
  2. 05 Galaxy Dvd Multimedia Pack Fault

    Can anyone point me in a direction. I'm assuming that the screens and dvd unit are the same across all ford models of at least the same era. Are they both required or do the screens simply have a video in, power etc. Do the screen switch on independently of the DVD unit or at least should using the remote control. Would it be usual for the screens to be fused from the head unit or have its own fuse in the main box. I don't have one listed for it but could it perhaps be marked as something else. Would you expect to have an inline fuse from behind that main dash. If no one knows then perhaps I'll document it when I try taking out the center console and seats and work my way back.
  3. 05 Galaxy Dvd Multimedia Pack Fault

    That is what I'm hoping however I don't know which one it is either. Does it have a separate fuse in the main box, come from behind the dash or even off the Main head unit feed. I was hoping someone would have a wiring diagram before I resort to removing the centre console and front seats. Unfortunately I cannot pull parts out tonight as I've got a six hour drive on Saturday morning with the kids which would have been nice if the DVD was working. I see 5 hr 45 mins or are we nearly there and how far is it on the cards :)
  4. Hello all. I'm a newbie here but hope this is the right place to post these questions. I have just purchased a 05 galaxy ghia with the integrated DVD multimedia pack. It didnt come with any headphones but do see a 3.5 jack output on the center console. So can probably get around that. However I dont seem to be able to switch the thing on. I have put new batteries in the remote (in case it was that simple). I have the ignition on. Press the power button on the remote pointing it at either of the screens. Pressed the power button on the DVD unit itself. I get no output on the screens at all and would expect to see something even if a DVD wasn't in the unit playing. Is there an 'order'; to switch it on? Does someone have a wiring diagram or suggestion where I should start looking if it faulty. Long term I'm not so concerned if the DVD player is a fault as I'd like to replace the factory head unit with a DVD, bluetooth etc with Video Aux out and pipe that to the screens. However for the time being I'd like to fix what I already have. Also what are the door speaker sizes. Without taking the panel off I'm guessing 6 1/2" or are they the same 5x7 that are in the focus (I had an 01 focus before) Thanks in advance