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  1. Antman99......deffo with you re the 'blue tack' comment.....Ford quality driving me away to another manufacturer !
  2. So... after my November 'fix' new style door seals, here we are again. My 4th repair under warranty for my '61 plate Zetec, booked in for 18th Feb. If the dealer offers yet another 'Blue Peter double sided sticky tape fix', I really am going to tell them to stick it where the sun dont shine ! It might only be door rubbers to some owners, but Im just about annoyed with the poor quality......this will be my LAST Fiesta ! Rant over....and OUT !
  3. Door Seals Peeling

    I noticed my door seals peeling on my 61 plate in October (12). My dealer 'repaired' them straight away. The 'repair' lasted 1 day ! As my first service was due I asked the dealer if they could again fix the problem, at the same time of the service, and they agreed. I told them that I wasn't happy with the fact that double sided sticky tape to hold on waterproof door seals was a Ford quality issue, and I would be contacting Ford directly to complain about poor quality. After 1 week, my car was fixed with a different design door seal, (I believe the seal now being fitted on the production line)... Ford have been in contact with me twice to ask if the work was satisfactory, and I can only say I am very pleased with Ford, and my local dealer for very good service. dave :D
  4. New Fiesta temp guage

    I think I can moan all I like...........it was bought with my money ! ........we are ALL ENTITLED TO OUR OPINIONS !! Dave
  5. New Fiesta temp guage

    The water temp icon lights up on your dash display (see your handbook) when you switch the ignition on.It goes off when the engine fires up, and I believe it will only illuminate again if there is a fault. Along with not providing a spare wheel, (unless you ask), yet ANOTHER stupid Ford Idea to annoy owners who would just like the company to leave some things alone ! I'd rather see what my water temp is doing ALL THE TIME, give me a gauge ANYTIME ! dave
  6. New Fiesta Economy ***Poss Rant Alert***

    I've had my 1.25 zetec just over 2 months, with so far , less than 1000miles.Ok.. its still 'tight', and 'running in', but I agree with earlier posts, it does seem to 'drink the juice' for a small car. I'm sure it will improve...........hope so, nice looker, and well built little car, I like it !! Dave
  7. new shape

    Another warning...........We share the car so my wife has the 'remote' ignition key, and I have the 'ordinary' key, for our '58 reg Zetec. Tried to unlock the drivers door this week, and the key blade pulled out of the plastic fob, and stayed in the lock! After just 2 months, and I've only used the car 2 or 3 times ! Anyway, managed to get the 'blade' out, and my Ford dealer re-programmed a new key under warranty.(took about 45 mins to programme ) Close inspection to key reveals 'blade' only into plastic fob about 1 cm., and cheap plastic clip holding it in place. I may have just been unlucky, and had a bad 'un............but be warned. dave
  8. New Fiesta ignition keys

    Hi, I got my spare wheel, but was charged for the tyre and jack ! (Bristol Street Motors Birmingham..........(I'd avoid them if I were you !!) The 'salesman' is 'looking into' my key code question, and regarding the foam..................make sure you read the instructions, and have a practice putting it, (and the tyre pump) together before you get a puncture on a cold, dark, winter night, ...............give me a 'good old spare' any day !! Dave (shame about the rant 'cos its a !Removed! great little car !)
  9. New Fiesta ignition keys

    I picked up my new fiesta Zetec 1.25 on 1st December. (great little car, wife loves it ) When handed the keys, I noticed there was no 'number tag' with them.I asked the salesman about it and he said, 'Ford don't number keys anymore'. I put it to him that, in the unlikely event of me and my wife losing our keys (we share use of the car) what do I say to the dealer when I phone him up and ask for a new key? His answer was, 'you would have to have the locks changed', so I advise you to have a spare cut (@ £30) in case! Now, I've already had one rant on this forum, regarding the ridiculous idea of not having a spare wheel supplied from new with this car, (has anyone seen the STUPID pump and foam they give you to try and mend a puncture?) Now I find I cant even go into a dealer and quote a key number, (after proving vehicle ownership ) and just buy a spare over the counter !! Is Ford taking the p**s out of its customers? does this kind of thing bother anyone else? or is it just ME?......let me know guys will you please, if its My fault I'll just sod off and not bother posting again !! regards Dave, (frustrated fiesta owner !!!)
  10. New shape.

    I pick mine up 1st December, (with spare wheel !), that nice Mr Darling has even given me £190 off list price with his 2.5% vat cut...........yippeeeeeee !! davethescoot
  11. broken seat release - advise please

    Same thing happened to my '03 fiesta, and the dealer reaction was the same.............they said it was MY fault, and I'd have to pay ! I told them it was not fit for purpose, and if it wasn't fixed at the next service under the warranty, I'd be writing with a formal complaint to Ford head office, and wouldn't buy off them again! The problem was fixed at no cost at next service. regards Dave
  12. No spare wheel !

    Did you get the jack and wheel brace too? Dave
  13. No spare wheel !

  14. Newbie

    Hi everyone, just saying hello from Bimingham UK Dave
  15. No spare wheel !

    Hi guys, after owning several fiestas over the years, I'm buying a new Zetec 1.25. Now call me old fashioned but now I've found out that I wont have a spare wheel, just a tub of gunge, and a tyre inflater, I feel like moving to a different brand of car. I know other car makers are going this way too, but am I worrying about nothing?,should I buy a spare from Ford myself, (because I love the look of the '09 model)? Or am I right in thinking what a ridiculous, and penny pinching idea it is not to be supplied with a spare by the manufacturer.I dont want to wait hours for a breakdown truck if the sidewall has ripped out of my tyre,I just want to be able to CHANGE THE B****Y WHEEL !! Your thoughts please guys Dave