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  1. Dpf On 1.6 And 1.4 Fiesta Tdci's

    Are they on them all?
  2. I'm looking to buy a tdci titanium on a 60 plate or newer, can I expect every car to have a dpf? Also is that the case for both engine sizes?
  3. Hi, i need to clean the connector plug, which i have done a couple of years ago - but now cant remember where it is. I can turn the key in the morning and it the dashboard will flash it is overheating before i even start the key, like i said its happened before and cleaning it with contact cleaner got everything back to normal
  4. Broken Dipstick - How Much Oil Needed?

    Book doesn't say amount, perhaps because it assumes the car doesnt have a broken dipstick
  5. Broken Dipstick - How Much Oil Needed?

    Thanks for that but as i said - i've got one coming
  6. Broken Dipstick - How Much Oil Needed?

    By the way, i'm asking because tomorrow its having an oil change
  7. I am still waiting for my replacement dipstick so cant accurately measure oil level. How much oil do i need in my 2004 1.4 tdci?
  8. I have a 2004 1.4 tdci fiesta. Its done 140K. I do 22K a year in it. I am a window cleaner so there's quite a bit of stop and start but also a bit of 60mph throughout the week. I have not been keeping up on my filter/oil changes (as i know i should - very naughty!). Its been getting a bit louder lately - turning the music up higher now. The manual says i should be using 5w30. 5w30/10w40 for top ups. Should i be going with fully synthetic or semi? Any thoughts. I was going to go with Castrol Magnatec
  9. Eac Fail - 6 Week Problem......and Counting

    Well, i changed that pedal as i said, took it for a run. no joy. The next day i changed the air flow meter and took it for a run, no joy. The next day i changed the air filter (becuase it just needed it anyway). Took it into the garage to go on the machine again and it was just the same as its ever been. He then left it on the machine all night and said it wasnt come up with anything. He then took it on a run and it was absolutely fine. I have just driven 20 miles home and its been absolutely fine. Nobody did anything. It could just come back the next time i go out and we could be back to square one but at the moment its back to normal. Some have said that it can take time for the ECU to 're-learn' anything new put onto it. Is there any truth in that at all? Maybe the parts i replaced did the job and it took the ECU a day or two, or a few miles to 'get with the program'. That doesnt make any sense to me personally but........
  10. I have a 04 plate, 1.4 tdci Fiesta Zetec. 40 days ago i was cruising along and felt a brief loss of power a few times. Over the next few miles heading home it got worse, was flashing EAC FAIL on the dash and i struggled to get the speed up on the 60mph A road. I limped into the village garage who changed the fuel filter - no joy. I took it into town to get it on to a machine to observe live data. They told me they were getting low pressure from the pump and that it needed replacing - perhaps the injectors too. So, i got a 2nd hand pump, had it fitted elsewhere, new timing belt, new starter motor as that packed up too - no joy, exact same problem (having thought it had been resolved though, the mechanic took it in for its MOT which it sailed through). It then went to another garage to be put on the machine. He then said air flow meter was coming up and throttle position sensor was worth looking at. So, its had a new pedal because that has sensors in it, and its had another air flow meter (MAF Sensor) - no joy, excatly the same! I've disconnected several connections and used contact cleaner - no joy. The mechanic is now scratching his head. All of this has taken over 6 weeks. It starts up first time no bother at all. The revs are fine when idling, no jumping around, nothing erratic with the revs. There is no pattern to it losing the power, it just does it when i try to accelerate too quickly. It then flashes EAC FAIL on the dash, i come off the power and it stops flashing it, and i could then accelerate IF i do it gingerly - anything heavy footed and there's no power and its off flashing the dreaded words at me again. It NEVER cuts out requiring restarting. The engine management light does not come on at all.
  11. What Fuel Pump Will I Have On My 1.4 2004 Tdci?

    Ok. Thanks for that. I will see what the garage say when I can finally get hold of them
  12. Having a look on the internet for second hand pump,car is in the Garage and can't get hold of them till Monday to ask. I am seeing Bosch and Siemens pumps online and just want to get an idea
  13. Loss Of Power And P0092 And P0002 Codes

    More on this story tomorrow.............i think they have been really pulled out with work today as i was told 'they need to give a further look at it'. That either means it isnt straightforward and they genuinely do or it means they given my car a quick 'doing over' in order to say to me after 2 days that they have actually done something. I didnt get to speak to the mechanic himself but i managed to hear something about 'pipes', 'wiring' and i think 'fuel treatment' through the awful signal we get in the sticks here. I was listening intently for the words 'pump' and 'engine ruined' but i dont believe i heard the words.....today anyway. More on this tomorrow after my normal mechanic pops up to this mechanic later today for the lowdown............
  14. Loss Of Power And P0092 And P0002 Codes

    Took it in today and they cant look at it until tomorrow morning as they were inundated with call-outs for breakdowns. The guy did have a stab after taking it out for a 2 minute run and suggested it was best to try the filter first (which i'd had done yesterday), then he suggested "fuel pressure regulator" and said i have two on my car (dont quote me, i may be wrong). He also obviously mentioned the fuel pump. On the 17 mile run into town i just gave the accelerator a light-feather touch to get there. I got up to 60mph on the straights, but as soon as i had to drop down into 3rd/4th for a bend it didnt like me accelerating out, even though i was being very careful. It would hold the power back, nothing there, and then kinda give it and i'd be ok as long as i was careful picking up some speed. The EAC FAIL came on a few times - not constantly on. Also i rung the mechanic at the other garage to ask him if he'd seen metal parts in the fuel filter when he took it off. He said not, that there had been some water and gunk, but he also said he'd not cut it open to look inside (would that have not made sense to anyone properly attempting to diagnose the problem for me????) So, now i am just waiting for tomorrow morning when its going to go on their 'all singing and dancing' diagnostic set-up
  15. Loss Of Power And P0092 And P0002 Codes

    Ok, thanks for all your thoughts on this. I'm obviously hoping it turns out to not be the pump but I'm staying realistic. I'll be back on here tomorrow night to say what has been said.