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  1. The petrol pump on my fiesta 1.25 zetec has packed up, i have purchased a replacement from a breakers yard .All the connections on the pump are the same but on my car there are four wires to the electrical connector but on the one i purchased there is five wires, does anyone know the difference.What is the extra wire for ?
  2. Fiesta 1.25 Zetec 2001

    Do you have to drop the fuel tank to do this
  3. Fiesta 1.25 Zetec 2001

    I have a Fiesta that has been standing in the garage for about 12 months, i went to start it recently after charging the battery as it was flat but the car would not fire.There is no priming sound from the fuel pump when the ignition is switched on so i swopped the fuel pump relay and checked the fuse.The inertia switch was also ok but still no noise from the pump.Can anyone tell me how to check if there is any supply to the pump.Any help would be much appreciated.Thank you.
  4. Mk1 1.4 Zetec Se Thermostat Housing

    Thanks for that Arthur it does have a rubber seal but I wondered if the face that meets the engine block should have a gasket as I omly noticed a rubber seal on the one port.Thanks for your help its much appreciated
  5. Mk1 1.4 Zetec Se Thermostat Housing

    Hi Arthur, Thanks for your reply,the image that you have put on is not the same as the one on my zetec
  6. I have a mk1 ford focus zetec se 1.4 and the thermostat hosing is leaking.(its the one positioned at the left hand front of the engine with two pipes going to it)I have purchased a new housing but there didnt appear to be a gasket supplied with it.Could anyone tell me if this is normal and it is fitted without a gasket or if one should have been supplied.Thank you
  7. Washer Jet Removal

    Could anyone tell me how to remove the washer jets from the bonnet of a mk5 Fiesta.Thank you.