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  1. Hi there, I have been reading back through the posts of issues and can agree that my 2009 Fiesta has a few issues in common, but there is one which is most annoying which has been mentioned here several times; loss of power when in 2nd/ 3rd going up hill early in a journey/ cold engine. My Ford garage have of course been unable to solve this and so I was wondering if anyone had been able to find a cure for this issue as it is really irritating. (My previous 1997 Fiesta had an unsolvable problem of misfiring/ bunnyhopping - oddly only during the summer when pulling away - this issue was never resolved even though Ford, the AA and numerous mechanics looked at the car but never found the problem. I was very much hoping the newer model wouldn't have such issues.) Is there anyone who has managed to solve the power loss issue at all? Thanks