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  1. Fiesta Problems

    Possibly fuel filter blockage or mass air flow sensor. Both can give similar symptoms
  2. Mpg Differences Between 1.6 Tdci Models

    Wasn't cheap. Around £500. However, it has paid for itself already in terms of fuel savings and the grin I get when I floor it :P
  3. New Zetec S Tdci

    09 won't have metal pedals (only £50 from fords. Between that and the 10 plate model I think that is the only difference I found. 61 plate models have slightly different headlining and silver on vents and door handles and carpet type material on the back of the rear bench seats. I think that's all of them. All internal, so only you would know really.
  4. Mpg Differences Between 1.6 Tdci Models

    I got my 90 bhp remapped by superchips and mpg went up 10%. I'm seeing 67mpg generally now with a mix of city and motorway and not really taking it easy. If I take it easy on the motorway I can easily get 80 mpg if I stick to 60 mph.
  5. 55K Anyone?

    Agreed carbon wrap would be ace. I think the exclusivity would be good, that's the only reason I'd pick it over a Focus RS and 4wd, awesome. In my opinion lack of 4WD is the only bad point of the Focus RS. 55K tho. Rather get an M3 for that money, probably cost less to run too lol
  6. 55K Anyone?

    Sexy beast!!
  7. Lowering Springs

    You will get a better ride quality if you buy shocks as well. Handling shouldn't really be affected unless you thrash it all the time. I would say it is dependent on the amount of miles you have completed on your present shocks. The more mileage, the more I'd recommend getting shocks as well.
  8. Your Fiesta

    Very nice Paul, very nice!!
  9. Lights

    I'm having problems too! Seems a poor quality on the part of MS design.
  10. Your Fiesta

    Is your car on coilovers cos that's loooooowwww!!! :o
  11. Your Fiesta

    Yeah, they look much better once colour coded!! B)
  12. Your Fiesta

    Uploaded with ImageShack.us Front end pic of my baby with MS design DRL's
  13. Decisions

    Go for anything but white, they're nice but they're everywhere, be different! Go for diesel I get 66mpg and that's with a remap that takes it to approx 120bhp.