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  1. dxcgnoc

    Cortina P100 pick up

    try this site http://www.buysellcortina.co.uk/home.htm Regards Dave
  2. dxcgnoc

    Play in Steering Rod

    Ok i have completed the replacement and it is not to bad to do I had to change the offside tie rod . part number is 4048739 price £39.26 inc vat I removed the complete offside lower suspension arm and support bracket in one piece . remove steering track rod end from hub. Remove rack gaiter clips to get at inner end of rack . Then using a self grip plumbers wrench undid the tie rod . This was quite hard to release : I therefore poured a kettle of boiling water over the rack end and left for 5 mins to expand a little . That did the trick and the rest was easy hope this helps anyone else
  3. dxcgnoc

    Play in Steering Rod

    Hi I have same problem on my KA ford have quoted £45.00 for the tie rod kit . Did you repair yours with the rack still on the car or did you remove it first If rack has to come off how easy to do ( I haven,t worked on the KA yet as it is new to me )