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  1. hi guys thanks for the replies, much appreciated was talking to my mother's boyfriernd this morning, who knows a lot about car/motorbike. he said where he works, staff can get leased cars via hertz, said he wouldnt worried about the car was from hertz cos mainly leased cars would drove by 1 driver. we had a very good look at my car again, said there is no way the car used by 200 or 300 people. the condition is totally spotless. i had a car rental n cyprus for 2 weeks, the car was 2 years old and totally wreck. scratch and dent everywhere. in the service log book, first 3 stamps was hertz service centre, last one by ford dealer the day i picked up the car up. i have to admit why i didnt checked the history/service book as the car was £1,500 less than next ford focus for sale, similiar age and mileage lol the day i picked up the car, the saleman reminded me to take it in for service at 52k mile or aug 2012, he even put a service tag reminder sticker on top right of windscreen. and reminded me the warranty will run out at 60k mile or aug 2012. i suppose i over-reacted in some way. let see how the car is in next 11 months, if all good then i'll keep it for long time, if problems, will get rid just before 3 years old. thanks again
  2. hi guys i understand that used car dealers have to tell costumer(s) the car is cat C/D etc but what about the previous owner(s)? i purchased 09 ford focus 1.6 zetec 40k miles, nearly 3 weeks ago from polar ford st helens. the car looked very good condition but after i picked up the car, i found few faults and very annoying buzz vibration throu the gas pedal which very very uncomfortable. got back from 2 weeks holiday yesterday,got new V5 doc from DVLA, previous owner was Hertz (gutted) in a way its my fault for not checking the V5 before purchased the car. i didnt think the car would be used by rental companies from Ford used car dealer. usually people says there are 4 worst cars to buy, 1) ex taxi cars, 2)ex police cars, 3) ex learner cars, 4) ex rental cars so i bought a worst car (gutted) what can i do about it? thanks Wesley
  3. thanks for the replies i think i know how to explain what sort of vibration throu the gas pedal, imagine you hit an object with a tuning fork, you'd getting buzzing vibration, it's like that. i am away holiday tomorrow for 2 weeks. first thing when we get back home, i will take the car back to the ford garage. also i found another problem with the car, half of quickclear screen only works so will ask to get it replaced under warranty. thanks again
  4. i am positive it was justanswer website
  5. hi guys thanks for the replies. went to ford yesterday lunchtime, explained the problem to the sale man who sold the car to me, he took me to the service area and explained to the mechanic, he and the saleman went out in my car while i waited in showroom. they came back 10 mins later they said its because of new tyres fitted which need to be bedded about 500 miles and things will improve. if not, take it back again. i have to say i'm a little disappointed. didnt expected they'd say like that lol i owned my old focus for about 8 years, went thro 4 or 5 different set of tyres, never had like this before lol so been driving around bit more since. only getting the buzzing vibration at pedals at between 3.6k to 3.8k rpm, happens on 3th, 4th and 5th gear so its not just at 75mph ish. i read somewhere on net last night, someone has same problem on same car, turned out it was debris in rolling restrictor (engine mount???) but i cant find the website grrrrrrrrr. is it possible? thanks
  6. hi guys am new to this forums, hopefully you guys could help me out :) basically i part exchanged my old 2002 ford focus 1.6 and Y reg nissan micra for 2009 ford focus 1.6 zetec, picked the car up earlier this evening, very happy with it. drove about 30 miles total, i found a problem with accelerator pedal, vibration......very hard to explain what type/sort of vibrate through the accelerator pedal. more like buzzing very fast (like iphone 4 vibrate). extremely uncomfortable to my right feet lol i have to back off to 65mph or slower!!! only happening when cruise at 70mph ish , no buzzing when under accelerating. will find out more if it happens as well on other gears ( 3rd and 4th) the car is still under ford warranty but problem is we will be very busy in next few days and going holiday this sat for 2 weeks so will have no time to take the car to ford garage. will do after we get back from holiday. is it well known problem? is it a simple job to fix? anyone experience similar problem? i honestly dont think i could live with buzzing vibrate, it SO uncomfortable and annoying. my old focus didnt have that many thanks wesley