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  1. goaty

    Engine Systems Fault - Help?

    Thank you both. My girlfriend took it back to the dealer on Friday. They hooked it up to a computer and found a few error codes but couldn't tell if these were recent or old ones. They gave it a test drive and it was fine but ended up putting in some fuel cleaner to hopefully resolve. We did 180 miles since and it has been fine. I am still keen to get the EGR valve clean so can you recommend a good place to get the Wynn's cleaner? I popped into Halfords but they don't stock that particular product despite doing quite a few other items by Wynn. Cheers
  2. Hi. I have only had my Focus for over a week ( Diesel 06 plate 1.8 tdci zetec climate) and it seems to have a debilitating fault already! We had clocked up 850 miles already with no problem (80% motorway/national speed limit A roads) when yesterday the dash displayed as "Engine System Fault" with a slight judder and speed reduced. I was only doing 55 mph in 5th and able to pull in quickly. Turned ignition off & back on and warning had gone and drove another 35 miles in total that day with no further problem. However tonight coming back from work it happened again when I was doing 35mph in 3rd. I pulled over, switched off and on & carried on for 10 miles before it did it again in town. Has anyone else experienced this? I have heard it could be the sensors, egr valve or throttle body? Is this a common problem with the Focus? I seen on some forums that people have complained of very poor wiring. I have a 3000 mile / 3 month warranty (well a shiny book they gave me and the promise on their website that all their cars are sold with this) so I am hoping they will have a look and fix it. Any advice appreciated & thanks in advance.
  3. Interesting reading. I have to say I was totally ignorant about the DFP filter. I went shopping for a petrol model and came back a diesel owner for the first time. I have a 1.8 tdci 06 diesel Zetec and by the sounds of it I don't have one of these fitted?!?
  4. goaty

    Focus 1.6 Style

    Hey there. We looked at 1.6 style 58 plate recently. Newer shape and nicer interior than the Zetec TDCI I ended up buying but didnt have a enough "get up and go" for me personally (100 bhp) model. Dealer wanted £6495 for this 1.6 style 5dr 58 plate 54k miles though. Only extras they were offering were a 3 month warranty. Your price seems ok with the fsh and warranty but should push for 5% off I reckon :)