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  1. hello kuga owners

    A point of interest , I bought my 58reg Kuga Titanium 4x4 new- then at 44000 miles the front n/s drivedraft & CV joint snapped- luckily at 5mph on the M25 -5minutes earlier or later could have been interesting but an accident suddenly slowed me. Sadly a few months out of warranty - ford not interested apparently "too many variables".........whatever...., as I am the only driver my driving must be very erratic or the part was not suitable for its job !! £600 3 more to go at any time !! I will say bye bye to it in the new year and to ford after owning escorts,sierrras,focus and mondeos after 40 odd years. The bitterness has subsided but it will Korean or Japanese next time.
  2. Hardtop Wiring

  3. Thanks for your interest, as that is not there I guess its the bother end I need to find and where the cable runs to and to what. I think this car pre dates the winter hence wiring and brackets not being in situ

  4. Hardtop Wiring

    I have just bought a hardtop for 54 reg streetka. I have to fit brackets- thats ok. But can anyone help me as to where the heated rear screen plugs in- a long length of wire came with it as well as that connected to the hard top. Fuses tell me it is same as wiper washer but where is the connection ? Any help I would be grateful for.