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  1. 2007 (Latest Shape) Modeo Wet Carpets

    Hi Jon, I have the same (similar) problem in my 1 year old Mondeo: the base of the footwells is soaked in front and rear on the right side (in my case it's the passenger side). The cause was identified in a Ford garage: the pipe for the condensed water outlet of the A/C unit is cracked and the water leaks towards inside when the A/C is on, especially in wet/humid weather. The broken pipe will be changed next week, hope that will solve the problem. (It's still covered by the warranty.) I was told that the same 'phenomenon' may also happen if this pipe is simply blocked eg. by dead insects, etc. Since 2 days I don't use the A/C (just in ventilation mode, ie. 'A/C Off'). Now the carpet is almost dry: after picked up most of the water by a dry/wet vacuum cleaner, it's not becoming more humid again. This way you may verify if your problem is really connected to the condensed water from the A/C unit. Once the problem is fixed, make sure to dry the fleece mat also below the soundproofing foam in the front footwell. Hope the description of my case will also help to solve the problem of your car. Good luck! Gabor (from Hungary)