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  1. Bolt Size

    hi Stoney 871, thanks for the reply. I think that they are HS1- do you know what size they are?
  2. Bolt Size

    I am about to change the rear hub assembly on my 1.6 Ghia Mk2. I believe the securing bolts are external torx, but I do not know what size, also does anyone have any tips to get access to the bolts.
  3. Ticking Noise

    1.6 Petrol Ghia Ghia Auto 25k miles Hope that this gives you a clue
  4. Ticking Noise

    After a while driving i have noticed a slight "ticking noise" which gets worse over time. If i slightly depress the brake pedal is disappears, then comes back after a while. Abyone any ideas??
  5. Hi I have gently tried to pull off the plastic bit with the alarm sensors and interior light but it looks as if there is something holding it in place. I need to get to the back of the roof mounted antenna and this seems the most likely access point. Can anyone help as to how to remove this. 55, Ghia 1.6 Petrol.
  6. Auto box, stalling

    This sounds about right, and expencive. Many thanks
  7. No spare wheel !

  8. Cruise Control Lights on Ghia

    Not on my "55" Ghia
  9. Auto box, stalling

    I have a 1997 Zetec 1.25 auto Fiesta. When starting off from cold, put the car into drive (foot on brake), car jumps forward and sometimes stalls. This has been getting worse over a period of time. It feels as if the clutch is not releasing / engaging too quickley. Can anyone come up with any sugestions to fix this?