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    Strange MK1 Focus issue

    Hi all A few problems with a 99T 1.8 Focus Zetec Firstly, the air con, when you switch it on you get a slight burning smell and then the revs drop. I fear the pump itself is seized? Is there a common issue with these which could cause similar symptoms? Since removal of the head unit for a possible replacement there have been a couple of weird goings on. The rear screen wont work. You can hear the relay click but it wont latch. I have checked the fuses for the screen but they all seem ok. Have these relays been known to not latch or have problems? It's the yellow one behind the glovebox, a 40AMP 4 pin relay. The head unit only works for 1 hour and then turns off. It works finer if you switch it on again but it is annoying. Any ideas? regards Dave!