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    I am thinking of selling my Ford Focus to buy a Ford galaxy and can not find the length of the load area from behind the front seats to the rear back door,they only show the volume area. Can anybody tell me the length please with all the rear seats removed it will be a 2001 model. Also is it easy to remove the rear 5 seats and take out of these cars. Thanks for any help.
  2. Engine cooling system question?

    Renew the thermostat but make sure it's a genuine Ford one with a Ford gasket otherwise it will not last five minutes. Should clear the problem.
  3. clutch cable adjustment ?

    I have a 2001 Zetec 1.6 Focus. Have just removed the plastic clutch box cover to try and find an oil leak but found two clutch cables and adjusters ? I always believed that the car had a hydraulic clutch but I noticed that there are two cables entering the box both with adjusters connected to two lever arms. As there is no mention in the Haynes manual about adjustment can anybody help as how these two cables are adjusted.
  4. clutch cable adjustment ?

    Thanks mintalkin I now feel a right prat,never thought of that.
  5. clutch cable adjustment ?

    I have a 2001 Zetec 1.6 Focus. Have just removed the plastic clutch box cover to try and find an oil leak but found two clutch cables and adjusters ? I always believed that the car had a hydralic clutch but I noticed that there are two cables entering the box both with adjusters connected to two lever arms. As there is no mention in the Haynes manual about adjustment can anybody help as how these two cables are adjusted.
  6. VIbration through steering!!

    I know that feeling I am getting that way with my 2001 Focus.
  7. VIbration through steering!!

  8. VIbration through steering!!

    Have you tried taking the back wheels off and putting them on the front to see if that makes any difference. I had the same problem and turned out to be a very slight buckle in the wheel which did not even show up when the wheel was balance. May be worth a try ?
  9. lower suspension arm balljoints

    Is it possible to buy just the balljoints for the lower suspension arms (wishbone). They used to sell them for replacement on Mondeos but I wondered if it was possible to get them from Ford for the Focus,they used to come with three new nuts and bolts for fitting after drilling out old rivets in the arm. Can anybody help or is it new complete arms which never seem the same quality and seem to last about a couple of years before the balljoint rubbers go again. Yet another mot failure.
  10. knocking on front left side

    Could be the lower suspension arm bushes or balljoint all come complete as one new arm and retail to fit yourself around £ 80 each arm for a good quality one,buying cheap ones do not pay as balljoint rubbers and bushes go after short time. Should also check its not the front suspension strut going as this will knock also and is most common. Unfortunately both problems don't become clear until the strut springs are released from the hub as under tension they are hard to find try levering around with a metal bar and see if you can see any movement.
  11. Focus Zetec security question

    Check if the car has an alarm fiited as follows. Shut all doors on single locking leaving the drivers door window open,lock the car with any key remote or just a standard key like you have,let the system stand for about five minutes return to the car put your hand in the car and open the drivers door the alarm should sound also put the key into the ignition and try to start the car with the car still locked this should also start the alarm.If both ways do not set off alarm then you don't have an alarm just immobiliser which will show by the flashing red light on dash.
  12. Focus Zetec security question

    Another interesting fact that I have found is that when a Mk1 Focus is not fitted with an alarm they do not fit any wire connection to the bonnet catch. The bonnet button goes up and down but take off the plastic cover and there are no wires. This is why my bonnet does not give a warning horn blip when the bonnet catch is released under the locks check soundings. Another way of checking if the car has an alarm.
  13. Focus Zetec security question

    Are you sure that your car has an alarm fitted as around that year models were only fitted with an alarm as an extra. Most models have immobiliser only ? I had the same problem,I did not know it but my car was not fitted with an alarm only immobilised and Ford has told me that later Mk1 models that do not have alarm systems do not flash the indicators when unlocked,only two flashes when locked on double locking. You can get an alarm fitted and if a Cat 1 alarm is fitted this will reduce your insurance premium but it does make you wonder if it's worth the instal cost ?

    I have a 2001 Zetec Focus 1.6. When I lock the car on double locking I get the standard two flashes from the indicator lights and when I unlocking the car I get one flash from the indicator lights. I have just noticed that the now when unlocking the car the lights are not flashing the one unlock flash. They are still ok when locking the car and still showing two flashes on double locking ? All the doors and boot are locking and unlocking ok. Can anybody tell me why the lights have stopped flashing on unlocking. Many thanks.

    Have tried both of those but no difference. Thanks.
  16. fault code PO420 bank 1

    I have a 1.6 Zetec Focus 2001. Fault code po420 has shown which is listed in the book as catalyst system efficiency below threshold bank 1. Have reset code a couple of times but shows again. Can anybody tell me is it best to renew the catalytic converter first or the first and second oxygen ( lamda ) sensors first. Thanks for any help.
  17. fault code PO420 bank 1

    Thanks for the advice. Have taken the two sensors out today and found one had rust on the end of the sensor. Have cleaned it off but if it lights up again will replace it. Many thanks.
  18. Catalyst fault code -

    Can anybody help with a fault code that I keep getting about once a month and seems to happen under all types of driving. The car is a Focus 1.6 Zetec and the year is a 2001. After seeing the emission warning light come on I check the fault code and it always reads PO420 and this reads to the book as catalyst efficiency below threshold BANK 1 As there seems to be about 20 warning codes that apply to the catalyst can any body tell me what bank 1 means I think it may be the first 4 cylinders as a V8 car would have a bank two ? There are other warning codes in the book reference the catalyst showing a Bank 2 does bank 1 and 2 refer to the first and second oxygen sensor before and after the catalyst. I have checked the whole exhaust pipe and no sign of any leaks were found ? I reset the warning light and erase the code and nothing happens again until about 100 miles are covered and then on comes the light again. Hope someone can help.
  19. Focus starting problems

    The dtc code 9202 is for fuel sender unit open circuit. See dtc 9202 open listing above your listing on focus page one. Code reader link below.Just check that your car has 16 pin plug under steering wheel,remover the little cover.Then this ones for you. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/UNIVERSAL-CAR-DIAGNO...A1%7C240%3A1308
  20. Central locking problems - possible solution

    As you say this does seem to be the best idea to clear alot of problems with the central locking, it makes you think how much money is made by Ford just out of a few minutes work. I do not know if the same time delay applies for a Ford Focus but battery replacement on Ford Mondeo allows you only 15 seconds to relpace a new battery before the system shuts off from the key then that would need the same reprograming as you have detailed. Until the internet started these reprograming details where never known and never able to get hold of. I bet these main dealers curse these forums now. Good luck with the car.
  21. Focus starting problems

    The self diagnostic test on the dashboard will not tell you anything,these codes that show from that test are test codes when the car is built so those building the car can check all is ok with the connections and bulb lights etc. The engine running fault codes can only be obtained by pluging in a fault reader in to the socket under the steering wheel behind the cover plate. These codes are the only reliable fault reading codes for the running of the engine. Because of the dampness try a spray of wd40 in the both ends of the HT leads if it improves replace HT Leads - plugs and air filter. Hope this helps.
  22. DTC-9202 Fuel Sender Open Please Help

    I have a Mk1 Focus the code reader plug in under the steering wheel just check that it is the sixteen pin one then this code reader should do the job it's the same as mine. Should be the OBD system. Will read all fault codes on the engine and erase,will turn off dashboard warning lights and show the car vin number log in ecu. See e-bay link below you may have to copy and paste it into your browser let me know if it does not work. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...em=380073485101 They are great as I also have a Vauxhall Astra and I have had a fault that only shows its self every two months or so and every time this egr valve stuck the dashboard light would turn on. This I can turn off with this reader unit and erase the code and then wait to see what is causing the problem before buying a new part. The fault was caused by this egr valve just getting stuck once out of 100 openings I would never have traced it without this unit. Sounds like this might be happening with your throttle positioning sensor. Hope this helps. Eddie.
  23. DTC-9202 Fuel Sender Open Please Help

    Yes this means an open electric circuit not an open valve. You can also get this code come up if the car has been jumped started with leads or a battery replaced. This can also cause other error codes to show and I have even had airbag warning lights come on after the car has been jump started by the staff at a car auction when buying. I would suggest that you buy a fault finder with 16 pin plug and erase the code,if it comes on again you then know that the circuit is open or opening. Fault finder testers are so cheap now it pays to buy one as 90% of the time codes that are erased will never show again and why get charged £26 every time Ford put it on the tester. I bought one off of e-bay for £13 the best buy I ever bought. Hope this helps.
  24. mk 2 focus drive belt tension

    I should think it's the same as the Mk1 Focus. The tensioner is a self adjust tensioner. Put a spanner around the small tensioner pulley ( not the top idler pulley ) pull back release belt, fit new belt pull back again slip over tensioner job done. Some times it's better to put the belt over the tensioner and slip it over the crankshaft pulley when pulling the tensioner back. Hope this helps.