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  1. Mk4 Escort 1.6D

    I agree....very nice collection
  2. Mk4 Escort 1.6D

    Thats amazing 11k miles
  3. Mk4 Escort 1.6D

    Mint 1.6D.....very nice....hope to see some pics.
  4. Mk4 Escort 1.6D

    Hi Combi Doug, Hi all, we haven't been on here much
  5. Mk4 Escort 1.6D

    Rovers do have common rust problem areas. I think my Coupe has had the same treatment as the UK Coupe's. I've always been a Ford fan from Fiestas to st24s. Plus a soft spot for a Rover too.
  6. Mk4 Escort 1.6D

    Thanks Goodkat, I think they are very underestimated car, it performs well on the track too. This one is a little special as its an import, it started its life in Japan in 1994 then came bake to the UK in 1998.
  7. Mk4 Escort 1.6D

    Its a full time job looking after our fleet of cars, You've got a nice collection.
  8. Mk4 Escort 1.6D

    220 Coupe turbo, me at Blyton Park doing a track day
  9. Mk4 Escort 1.6D

    214 Cabriolet
  10. Mk4 Escort 1.6D

    I've got two Rovers both are petrol 214 Cabriolet and a 220 Turbo coupe jap spec that lived in Japan for four years.
  11. Mk4 Escort 1.6D

    I would love my Escort to be in the same condition as yours, but unfortunately the bodywork is getting very tired, it is my daily runner and does about 9k a year. Its a shame that you've got rodent problem, best to get rid of them as they can do serious damage. I do have a 1992 Rover 214 in great condition i know its not a a Ford but i am into them too as well as Fords.
  12. Mk4 Escort 1.6D

    Very very very tidy Estate
  13. Mk4 Escort 1.6D

    S1 and s2 Rs very nice, im a little envious, any pics for me to drool over?
  14. Mk4 Escort 1.6D

    Hi Rs toy welcome to the thread, I've had a 1.8D once, it seems the 1.6D are very rare. I would like a Rs Escort but haven't got the room for one.
  15. Mk4 Escort 1.6D

    I'm not sure the age of the picture, can't recall ever seeing it before.