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  1. Instrument Reboots When Starting Car

    Finaly to reply, i delayed doing anything over holiday period and although problem persisted the car always started. Finaly got battery checked, dunno how this relates but reading was 232 mah when battery sticker said should be 320mah. New battery now in, a lot higher rating 450mah and no problems as yet Thx for advice
  2. Battery changing is a bugger sometimes. Had same problem with mine few weeks ago, I would open it up clean all contacts and maybe scrape a little to ensure good contacts then retry programming, took 20 minutes and maybe 20 goes to actually get mine to work. Keep trying to reprogram at least a good dozen times.
  3. Instrument Reboots When Starting Car

    Thx will go get battery checked in morning
  4. Not every time but usually when engine cold, the car starts fine but the display resets itself like is some sort of test with the fuel guage going from zero to full, and rev counter shows zero then everything goes to normal. Might also be linked but am getting intermittent fault where passenger door will not lock via remote or manual locking drivers side. If i lock manual on passenger door then all is ok. Have changed battery in keyfob and no difference Any ideas? am not overly concerned about locking as can manually do it but the reset/reboot of display is a concern Just to confirm the car starts and drives ok
  5. Could This Be Power Steering Problem?

    Thanks Nathan, was hoping was a one off with ps and then nothing for a week or so. Will get those checked
  6. Could This Be Power Steering Problem?

    This is weird, the loss of ps has not happened again however a couple of other things have happened recently maybe cold weather related or not. 2 days ago starting ok in the morning the low fuel and water temp lights came on and the digital display dissappeared, rev of engine and all returned to normal, this morning mileage and clock display dissappeared and petrol guage showed empty when I know I had a good half tank, on revving the whole display seemed to reset with with it cycling through display as if it was a self test and again all returned to normal giving correct data. Any ideas why and could it be linked to first post on here?
  7. Turning at lights, downshifted 4th to 2nd gear and suddenly power sterring went, also oil light and battery light came on. I managed to straighten up, engine was still running, revved the engine and the lights went out and power steering was back. Could this be power steering linked? I had a problem last year of noise and it was ps belt slipped off but as car warmed the belt was getting back into place.
  8. 03/53 Plate Fusion Owners??

    Sorry to rehash this old topic, but can someone tell me what glue to use, my rear passenger plastic window trim has come off, clips are still there so i guess i just glue the 3 little squares on the trim but what glue do i use and where to get it from? Tiger Seal I been told but at £12 a tube it might be best just getting new trim Am trying some german equivalent mipa pu 400 polyurathan am told its virtually the same but half the price, hmmmm
  9. Fusion 1.6 petrol 03 plate manual When maintaining constant speed 40 or 50 mph the car will feel like it's driving through lines of treacle, slowing then speeding up every few meters. Taking foot off accelerator and the surging stops so i assume it is not sticking brakes. I do not notice any difference in rpm or in engine sound There is an audible "chh" when pressing accelerator quickly or changing gear which the garage noted last service when they had air filter out (I hear it all the time) Also clutch release bearing squeels especially when pulling off and car kangaroos in reverse and i feel (rather than hear) a knocking when pulling off in 1st regularly Finaly between 50 and 55mph the drive is very rough whether in gear or in neutral which i assume is wheel balancing or tracking? These are maybe related or individual annoyances but can anyone shed any light on the above problems and what is needed to rectify them?
  10. Sorry I read this many months ago somewhere, tried "search" but no joy The outer door hard plastic moulding on rear door , the strip the goes down the window is loose at the top (common fault) i can see where glue is no longer holding it, what do people use to reglue it?
  11. 04 plate but only done 16k miles (I don't drive much) Had trouble in past each year with dead battery usually wintertime but was sure I was on top of that this year Got in this morning, radio works, heater works, display illuminates but turning ignition and nothing There is not even any clicking or any noise at all (thats why i think it is not the battery) The display does not dim when turning ignition and having foot pressed on brake (needed to start auto) the symble of a gear cog with exclamation mark comes on Also when key turned position 1 the lcd gear display comes on to show display is working but then goes off and then nothing at all in the lcd but i never noticed if this happened when car was ok I have messed around with gear stick, putting in reverse, neutral numerous times etc but nothing shows on display and no noise at all from engine Any ideas? FIXED It was indeed the battery, never had one go like this before, everything else worked, central locking, wipers (although a little slowly) lights, radio, air con, etc etc, just nothing at all from starter motor Battery was only giving out 9v New battery, quick wiggle of the gear stick and worked like a charm
  12. I don't know whether there is a solution for this or that it is ANOTHER FEATURE of the car I like to listen to Talk Sport on medium wave but I get a lot of interference marked with the use of acelerator and in old days we used to put a capacitor inline to cure it but do we still need or are able to do this? What is strange is that I can clear a lot of the interference by pressing the screen wash button or sometimes just switching the radio off and on again, also and i don't know why but pressing the clutch in and out will effect the radio like there has been a lightning flash (a crack sound) why would that be? is the clutch electronic? Final question could this be a sign of electrical fault, earthing or anything?
  13. Fusion 1.6 petrol 2003, This is weird, might be linked but the car just doesn't sound right, it drives ok but occasionally its like getting hit by a gust of wind and a slight dip in power but only for a split second and the engine while moving just sounds rough but my main query is why when i touch the accelerator do i get a "cha" sound before it kicks in, when changing gear it sounds like i got a turbo. What can this be? is it a sign of something bad? Am not overly concerned cause it still gets me from a-b but surely this is a problem and not a feature
  14. Sorted, was rear wheel bearing Spilled out in a thousand pieces when drum removed Hope that helps anyone who gets this noise in future
  15. Asked if they checked the heatshield when mechanic changed exhaust mounts and he said was fine Update today The noise is there all the time now, especially hear it when traveling above 20mph Sounds like rubbing/scraping and probably from rear drivers side with occasional much higher pitched and louder scrape/squeel that lasts less than a second Makes no difference when clutch in or out, makes no difference on turning,noise increases speed as i increase speed and braking makes no difference, seems only the forward motion of the car dictates the speed of the scrape Anyone know what this could be?