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  1. Few little problems as you can imagine for a Van of that age. The dash is tatty but have a new one to go in, and windscreen has a few marks, prob could do with a new one. Most insurance companies will replace it for about £50 excess.
  2. Thanks Stef, I know your to far away, but for argument stake, how much would you be willing pay for it? I am just after your opionion. Thanks
  3. Thanks all I know it would not be worth much, but I am after getting something a bit newer. Will not get my money back but who does with cars these days? I am doing alot of work on my house at the moment but the van is not that good for longer bits of wood etc or plasterboard, not sure if I will be better off with an estate. I also use it to travel 20 miles to work everyday, I recon I could get better millage out of a newer engine. Might start advertising it in a few weeks to see what offers i get. Thanks
  4. Hi all Thinking of selling my Escort Van but not sure how much it is worth. It is an Escort 55 (non turbo), has done about 150k but has had a fair amount of work done to it. Recent respray (18 months ago) SI bumper and sideskirts SI seats General Mainatiance Lower Arms Break lines Front Pads. Few other bits and pieces for recent MOT (Feb 2009) Also has tax to July i think. Has anyone sold one of these recently or can give a rough estimate to what it is worth? Thanks
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    Yeah it is a bit of a 4x4 at the mo, but with the speedhumps it can be a problem lowering it. Were did you get your rear bumper from?
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    Just a few pics.
  7. Hi I think these are GTI alloys but I don't have the centre caps. I have looked on auction sites but they don't apear to be the same design. Does anyone know wher i can get them from or the part number so I can go to Ford? Thanks Iain
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    Hi all Newbie here, just found this site this morning! I am 27 and have a N reg Escort 55 Van. Will post some pictures when I upload then. bye for now. Iain :D