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  1. Being a nuimpty without tools I let ATS recently do mine for £160 plus VAT. They said it was a quick and easy fit,
  2. The six CD unit in my 2004 Titanium X will not play nor eject. If I hold down the eject button long enough a message of CD error is displayed. There is no grinding motor noise at any time. The only good news is the radio works. All ideas welcome.
  3. Dave May This is exactly what I have being trying to solve for months. Many thanks.
  4. Finally blanked mine off the ERG at 150k when the smoke became a problem to other road users. Previously replaced ERG at 130k.
  5. My 2.2 estate is a 54 plate on 150,000 and does the same. With the winter diesel comes and the heaters go on expect this to fall to 50 in Autumn.
  6. As my Titanium X estate has passed the 150k mark I want cheaper tyres than the current Continental Contact 5. What brands at less than £100 each are being used
  7. The alloys look a little strange with a center I have not seen before. Otherwise it looks OK. I have a 54 TitX
  8. The driver’s seat of my 2004 Titanium X estate is showing signs of wear. The fabric is pilling so it is far from thread bear yet. While I cannot complain after 130,000 miles are there any fabric cleaners or conditioners that I can try to improve the situation?
  9. When my alloy started leaking air too much I had one wheel refurbished inside and out for £70 by a man in a shed in Crewe. I checked out the man in a van brigade but felt I wanted a more permanent solution. In the process I found out how busy these people are with damage caused by pot holes.
  10. I have the 2.2 diesel estate Titanium X and get a close to 50 mpg. It has covered 130 ,000 miles since 2004 and is the best car I have ever had. Burns garages in Congleton have helped to keep costs down. Miss the heated seats that my Ghia X had.
  11. My Halfords tyre inflator has finally died on me. There is no sadness as it never worked hard because the 12v connector had to be held in position for it to work. The air hose regularly blew off and the gauge on the unit could not be paced in a readable position. Any recommendations for a replacement that is known to work from the cigarette lighter point in the central console of a Mark 3 Mondeo would be welcome
  12. My 54 plate Titanium X estate has a sticky door that comes and goes. The problem shows only on entry. The door is used most days and can always be opened from the inside without any problem. Any ideas for a cure?