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  1. sounds like theres a whole in the intercooler, or maybe if your lucky, just a pipe to the intercooler. if it is the intercooler, whats more of a concern is what caused it to blow a hole in it? when mine went, it was because it was filling with oil which was leaking from the turbo which was worn out. so you could end up needing a new intercooler and a new turbo. i was advised that i could leave the turbo as it would last another few thousand miles, but if yours turns out to be the same problem, id advise you to change it straight away. after about 200 miles the turbo blow in spectacular fashion, it dumps the entire contents of the old straight into the engine via the intercooler. so the engine runs on this oil with the rev counter on the redline, with absolutley no way of stopping it,bellowing a massive black cloud of smoke. eventually the engine stopped dead and your left wondering if the engines just ceased up. it hadnt, but it was scariest thing thats happened to me in my 15 years of driving!!! but thats a worst case scenario!!, it could just be a split hose or something hope this helps, and i havent just scared you to death
  2. st 170 exhaust

    the garage that i put it into, reckon theyve all the local exhaust places, and that even the specialists cant get them unless they go through a ford dealer. i dont have a warrenty on it, and i dont think it would cover exhausts anyway. im a little confused by the whole thing really.. i dont know the first about exhaust systems to be honest and i dont know exactly what i need. the guy who gave me the price at the ford dealer said it was that much before it had a cat in it.. but would i need a cat?? it only had a new one put on when i got the car just under a year ago. i was looking on the net last night and you can get a full stainless steel exhaust for under £300( albelt one with a tailpipe that big i'd need to check theres no tramps sleeping in it each morning), im guessing this doesnt include a cat though.. to add to all this.. the exhaust broke a couple of inches forward of the lambda sensor.. and where it dropped onto the road it scooped a big chunk of tarmac out the road surface and may have knackered the sensor
  3. st 170 exhaust

    hi, the exhaust on my 2002 st170 has just gone right at the front. i popped it in the garage thinking it would be a quick cheapish job. but the garage has phoned saying no stocks exhausts for this model except the main ford dealer. ive just phoned them and they gave me a price £370 + VAT just for the front section!!!!!!! has anyone else had this trouble? or does anyone know where i can get a cheap one from?? any help or advice would be welcome. thanks
  4. st170 clutch probelms?

    havent noticed anything different about it only this one time
  5. st170 clutch probelms?

    hi, my st170 has just developed bit of a problem. i think the clutch is on its way out, but me, not knowing anything about cars, thought i better check with some people that do. the other day i was pulling out of a busy junction, so i gave it some revs and let the clutch out whilst in 1st gear and tried to pull out into a smallish gap in the traffic, which normally wouldnt be a problem, but ended up accelerating out the junction ridiculously slow with the rev counter practically on the redline, resulting in bit of a burning smell and lots of light flashing and finger gesturing from the guy who nearly ran into the back of me if it is the clutch, does anyone have any idea how much it might cost, or is there any upgraded clutch i could get that doesnt cost the earth?? thanks
  6. Mk1 Focus front wing removal??

    sorry. i thought i had done in such a tongue-in-cheek way, that anyone with half a sense of humour would realise what had happened. but i guess thats wasted on some.
  7. Mk1 Focus front wing removal??

    who said anything about a mirror? not me! i didnt browse through the original post quickly without my glasses on and totally misread the question
  8. Mk1 Focus front wing removal??

    nope i've no idea how to change a wing
  9. focus wing mirror

    they are heated, discovered this morning. so do they just come on with the rear windscreen de-mister so are they on all the time? i just been pricing them up. £38 for the full assembly! i though that was i bit cheap. does that sound about right?? i know i'll have to get the back part sprayed i dont suppose you know where this other topic is that discribes how to fit them? all i can find is a very brief one about fitting a manual one
  10. focus wing mirror

    hello, i've just had my wing mirror smashed off and i've been pricing up new ones. i've got a 2002 st170, on the internet all the sites i've looked have either manual ones, or electric and heated ones. i didn't think mine were heated though. does anyone know if you can get electric ones that aren't heated??? or have just never noticed that they are actually heated. i was also wondering if anyone here has fitted one? i don't want to put it into a garage if i can help it and was thinking about having a go myself
  11. "sensitive" engine management

    hello, i bought a 2002 st170 nearly 3 months ago. ever since i got, the check engine light keeps coming on. whenever i take it back to the garage where i got it from, they keep telling the computer is saying there's nothing wrong with it and that the engine management system is just very sensitive(which i find hard to believe!). i was wondering if anyone else has had similar problems? also i'm 100% sure that the air conditioning pump it running perminantly as well, the switch works fine and the light on the switch go on and off ok, but it blows out freezing cold air even when it says its off. i've mentioned this to the garage as well and they said that the computer would be able to tell if that was the case( which i also find hard to believe!!) do anyone know if the air conditioning is connected up to the fault finding thingy?