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  1. it is all just a money making scheme
  2. Fuel Economy, Whats Your MPG figures?

    i average 55mpg in my 1.6 tdci fiesta titanium, round town, upto 60+on long motorway journeys
  3. Speeding Ticket Excuses?

    a good trick is to know someone at a garage, and aslong as it isnt massively over the speed limit, get them to write a receipt for a cruise control calibration, and then send that off. it should let you off.
  4. messy friends in your car!

    i hate people dropping food in my car especially if i just cleaned it grrrrrrr
  5. What Can I Do To Get A Few More Bhp

    why dont you make yourself a straight through exhaust system, just put a diamond joint so you can add the cat back in for you MOT otherwise it will fail
  6. Hi People

    hi all, i just bought myself a 2009 fiesta titanium 1.6tdci its a great car
  7. 2 year MOT's

    i hate putting my car through MOT every year, but there is so many bangers on the road, it just gives them more excuses to drive bags of s**t around
  8. Other drivers who dont say thanks

    alot of ignorant people, i lose it and just ignore everyone else
  9. Your Fav Car Music?

    i prefer older song, 'summer of 69' bryan adams
  10. Road Rage

    i hate christian drivers, they dont have to let every sod out of junctions.
  11. Nitrogen for Better Fuel Economy?

    ATS offer it for 10 quid.
  12. Driving Test

    fail any day, lol
  13. Fiesta Mk7 Droning Noise

    i had this problem couple of years ago with my astra sport hatch, sold it cuz i couldnt figure it out
  14. Ford Meets

    nope sorry