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  1. Hi all just got myself a 2008 mondeo estate titanium x 2.0 diesel was just wondering if I can change the head lights to xenon as I think the standard ones don't light the road up very well the car has adaptive headlights does this make any difference and was thinking of getting it remapped with this remap would having this done fry the clutch? Ford Mondeo TDCi 2.0 DPF 140 140 hp too170 hp 320 NM too 382 NM any advice would be helpfull thanks
  2. How To Lock The Doors From Inside?

    Can you auto lock a mk 4 mondeo with keyless entry?
  3. Buying Estate

    Is there a reversing camera that I can fit to this car that will just plug in or is there a link to one thanks
  4. Buying Estate

    Hi thanks for the advice picked the car up that was in the link it's stunning now it has the full touchscreen sat-nav radio on the dash there is an information light that keeps popping on cannot find out what it does I was thinking was it for the sat-nav warning that there is traffic or road works? Could this be right thanks
  5. Buying Estate

    Picking it up tomorrow can you tell if the DMF is on its way out by just driving it?
  6. Buying Estate

    Is there anything I can do when looking at the car or to listen for
  7. Buying Estate

    If that dmf does go in the end how much are we looking at to get fixed
  8. Buying Estate

    Hi all buying my first estate is there anything to look out for looking at this one in the link thanks http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/281280242021?_trksid=p2055120.m1438.l2648&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
  9. Air Bag Light

    Thank you i
  10. Air Bag Light

    Just been for a drive and after a few minutes the light stays on?
  11. Air Bag Light

    Hi all just got my 2004 focus estate all of a sudden the air bag light has started to flash three times in a sequence I've looked under the seat to see if any wires have come lose any ideas thanks
  12. Buying An Estate

    Well happy with the focus how many miles if driven right should I get out of a full tank thanks
  13. Buying An Estate

    Thanks can get the screen cheap as am a windscreen fitter so no trouble there the car is just the zetec model so nothing in it really I just remember going to a guy who races Honda civics and he had a screen made for him and wired it up him self
  14. Buying An Estate

    And can I fit a heated front screen to it there is no button on the car for the front screen
  15. Buying An Estate

    Thanks all for the advise manage to buy one today a 2004 tddi drove miles better than the tdci I drove yesterday