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  1. 2009/58 Zetec S - Alarm Keeps Going Off!

    I know, unbelievable isn't it. Saturday is apparently their busiest day and it can't be taken up with diagnostics. From what I've read, it's the !Removed! switch which is faulty. Surely it wouldn't take long to work it out?
  2. 2009/58 Zetec S - Alarm Keeps Going Off!

    Sprayed bonnet catch with WD40, went quiet for a couple of weeks but its back. Car alarm goes off approx 15 minutes after I've locked it and dash shows bonnet open warning permanently. I rang ford who told me they couldn't do it on a Saturday as they can't do diagnostics at the weekend. Unfortunately for me, I work away during the week in various places and only home at the weekend. I know I'm going to have to get this fixed, any idea how much this will cost if it is a faulty switch?
  3. 2009/58 Zetec S - Alarm Keeps Going Off!

    Ok...you're talking to a blonde here and I've no idea what switches you're talking about! Are they easy to find/locate? About 6/7 weeks ago, my bonnet wouldn't shut properly. I know my other half had to fiddle with it to get it to shut again. He did say the catch/boot release switch under the steering wheel had jammed. He managed to pop it back into place but it hasn't been touched since then. Wonder if this is anything to do with it.!
  4. Any ideas what could be causing this? It started Friday evening - have had the car almost a year and this is the first time I've ever heard the alarm! Since then, its going off 3/4 times a day. I think its annoying my neighbours now, its sure as hell annoying me. I've no idea what is causing it, doors are locked securely and nobody around it when it goes off. Cheers
  5. Mk6.5 Fiesta St Or Mk7 Zetec S

    I've had a Cooper and a Clio 182 and have to say the Clio wins all round in comfort and speed. Having a work green car scheme whereby you are paid by the amount of CO2 emissions your car has, unfortunately meant the Clio had to go about 3 years ago. I have very fond memories of it. I then leased a Titanium when the Clio was sold and it is a better car than the ZS, no question. Shame I couldn't afford one at the time when the lease was up on it.
  6. Need One New Tyre - Advice

    Hi, Car recently passed its first MOT a couple of weeks ago. The dealer advised me I would shortly need a new front drivers side tyre. The rest of the tyres have plenty of tread apparently. When I bought the car, the dealer swapped the drivers side rear with the front to give me afew more months of driving so I did expect to be told it needed replacing. I thought I'd mention this in case anybody thinks it is due to my style of driving that has caused the uneven wear! I guess my question is - should I go for a part worn or new? My logic was hopefully by the next time I need tyres, it will be both sides. Is there any truth that you should replace both sides at the same time or can I go for new on the drivers side only? Many thanks
  7. Fuel Counter

    I've had a couple of odd experiences recently with the fuel counter. I knew i was low on petrol but the counter showed i had just under 20 miles left in the tank. I knew the petrol station was 10 miles (I was on the M5 motorway, a journey I do everyday) so decided I would be fine and carried on. For some strange reason, the counter started reducing and within a minute or 2, the counter had gone from 20 miles down to zero. As if it was counting seconds and not miles. It was a major panic for me as the services was still around 7/8 miles away by this point and I had no idea if the car would stop. It stayed on zero for the rest of the journey and I made it to the services but I have no idea why the fuel counter dropped so rapidly. This is not the first time its happened either. Is there a reserve in the tank even though it showed there was nothing in it? How far can you drive when you hit zero on the fuel counter? It made me wonder whether it is set to do that as a scare tactic!!
  8. Retro-Fit Usb........ It Works!!

    I'll second the above - Nath did mine as well and it works a treat. I'm over the moon with it. :D
  9. Ford Bluetooth Help

    I'm afraid its a trip into the dealers - or you need somebody with the IDS kit to upgrade it for you. The only 2 people i know with this is Lez and iNath - obviously depends on whether you are local to either. My local Ford dealer did it for me with no charge and it took around an hour to sort out. Once they did, it was like having a new system as my bluetooth had been playing up for a couple of months. My car is an early 09 Zetec S - and almost out of warranty but Ford did it with no quibbles and no charge to me. Almost forgot - you could disconnect the battery and see if that works first?
  10. Cost Of New Key?

    I'm in the same boat - I lost one of my keys. I take it then the only way to get another key is to get Ford to do it? :(
  11. Fiesta Mk7 Hidden Menu!

    Snap! I never noticed the clock until this morning!
  12. Fiesta Mk7 Hidden Menu!

    I definately don't have the set up for Footwell lights - Ford checked it for me today when it was in the garage and said I would need new wiring and a new module. (whatever that is) What day you in Gloucester?
  13. Adding USB to a MK7 with Bluetooth

    Have sent you PM!
  14. Adding USB to a MK7 with Bluetooth

    Cheers dude and thanks for your offer of help too! :) Just need footwell lights, a change of wheels maybe and I'm done with mods.
  15. Dismissive Dealer.

    I've had the opposite experience - my local ford dealer has actually been really good as of late and more than helpful. i've took my car in twice over the last week with bluetooth problems and they've done the update under warranty with no quibbles even though my car is 3 years old next week. I'm sure being female helps though... ;)