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  1. marcomk6

    Stuck At Removing Back Drums

    not unless ure using some form of loctite paint haha and anyways that what hammers are for
  2. marcomk6

    Cheap Ford Fiesta Mk4/5 Modifications

    go for simple things like black headlights, buy some spray to 'smoke' the rear lights (police can be a problem if you do it too much tho, spray the wheels with two contrasting colous eg black with red band (for example i have just steel wheels that are gloss black with silver bands), vynals simple patterns such as stipes or chequers work quite well. i would say get some lowering springs but they realy wont be all that great and can be quite expensive especialy when the ruin your shock absorbers (my car is feeling the strain as owner before had it lowered on standard shocks and now theyre knakered)if you realy do want a lowered look go for comleate kits instead of just the springs. Also maybe try cutting the grills out and replacing with metal mesh (personaly i dont like it but hey its ure car:)) all of that sorta stuff costs peanuts apart from the lights possibly :D let us know what sorta things you do to it:) hope this helps :D you will most likely find these to be the most expensive item but you can get them on ebay for much less than on here
  3. marcomk6

    Feeding Caling Through Bulkhead - Mk5

    yea tis not to far from the batt i think. Its big enough to get a large sound system power cable through so all should be well for you :D
  4. marcomk6

    How To Stop Wheel Tramp????

    cool as i thought then haha well i guess i shall have to save for shocks :( thanks for the help :D
  5. marcomk6

    Feeding Caling Through Bulkhead - Mk5

    if i remember correctly when i had a mk5 (before an accident) i managed to run some wires through a big rubber bung on the passenger side near the windscreen just cut a slit in it and post the wire through :)
  6. marcomk6

    Stuck At Removing Back Drums

    would it not be easyer to paint them whilst still on the car?
  7. marcomk6

    Hot Footwell!!

    lennys most likely right my mates doozle fiesta had exactly the same problem and it just went away :)
  8. marcomk6

    How To Stop Wheel Tramp????

    yes indeed when pulling away hard the wheels grip then loose grip then grip then loose grip ect ect which causes the wheels to bounce up and down violently to the point where your actualy not in contact with the ground! It can be realy damaging to the transmition and i realy do not want to break anything. on the mk5 fiesta i used to have it would pull away speedily absolutly fine occasionaly spinning up the wheels if you gave it just a bit too much but this car just trys to destroy itself has anyone else had this problem atall?
  9. hi my fiesta mk6 is geting progressivly worse wheel !Removed! under hard acceleration how can i fix this? ive looked at the shock absorbers and they dont seem to be in to bad shape nor do the engine mounts. i was thinking maybe the bushes could be a problem but i would like to find out any other areas of possible causes before i spend what little student money i have on new bushes haha. thanks in advance marcus
  10. marcomk6

    New Blue Oval

    hi my name is marcus i drive a 2004 fiesta mk6 has a few tiny niggles such annoying wheel !Removed! haha but hopfully with help form some of the people here it can be sorted