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  1. 2015 Mondeo Titanium Navigation System

    Not sure if its of any use but when I had mine, I had to put a space between the post code for it to pick it up eg. AB12 1XX. Fiddly but never let me down !
  2. Clunking From Ford's New 2015 Focus Six Speed Box

    Aha! Another 1.5 TD owner.. Mine doesn't 'clunk' it just feels, wrong? Second gear feels too long and if you change 'early' then yeah, mine clunks too. It's weird, I've driven focus's with 6 speed boxes before and its never felt bad, or clunked!
  3. 2015 1.5tdci

    Good evening, I've got a Titanium X 1.5 TDCi and I think the gear ratios are wrong; I've not spoke to my dealer yet but 2nd gear just seems too long, I'm not sure if anyone else had noticed? I previously had a 1.6 Diesel Mondeo, I appreciate that the gearing will be different but I'm under the impression it's the same 'box' as such. I've previously had a Fiesta ST six speed and a focus 1.0 125 Six speed and second gear has always been 'right' in that it's neither too long or too short. It's really bugging me lately as it feels I'm running the engine too fast for the road speed, feels very odd! Just wondered if anyone else had noticed/had similar experiences or if it's just me!
  4. Focus Mk3 Running Lights

    I'm unsure on the legality, mine on my 3.5 certainly dim and on newer mercs they fade but the ones I've seen on New Qasqhi's don't which seemed a bit dangerous!
  5. My Mk3.5 Titaniumx Focus ☺

    I needed to shift my older car and this was the only 1.5 TDCI available, I've had the 1.0 125 (I had a choice of diesel or petrol, the petrol having the appearance pack) before and it wasn't that economical; otherwise it would of been October before I'd seen another one (crazy!) I also got quite a sweet deal on it, wasn't too keen on them at first (five spokes) but now I've seen a few 3.5's with appearance packs, I quite like being "the odd one out" :) can't say I've seen another the same anyway! Spoiler looks great Preee, slightly tempted myself now! It's a shame the Xenon's bezel isn't silver, but can't have everything!
  6. My Mk3.5 Titaniumx Focus ☺

    Here's Mine :)
  7. My Mk3.5 Titaniumx Focus ☺

    I'm going to order it today, TIT X 1.5 TDCI with Premium Sat Nav and Appearance Pack in Deep Impact Blue.
  8. Focus Mk3.5 No Drls

    It's not been re-crash test either so I imagine they're just curbing the cost
  9. My Mk3.5 Titaniumx Focus ☺

    Looks good! Should have one for myself shortly. Your profile picture was taken at my dealership!
  10. 1.5 TDCI Computer reckons it's doing 55 MPG, most I've ever braved is 421 Miles on a tank don't think that's too bad!
  11. Mk7.5 Cold Start Data

    On mine it's under the 'Ford Ecomode' ( or something to that effect) I hit the menu button to bring it up on mine from memory!
  12. Climate Control / Air Con Question

    Funnily enough I've also experienced this in my Fiesta and in my previous KA, not sure what the reason is other than turning disruptsthe air flow perhaps?
  13. Ordered

    About 300ish out of a tank the car reckons but it depends, I do all sorts of driving from long distance to round town so it varies, that was just after I cleaned it, and I've got a spare wheel, Sync (which i think's standard anyway) and the city pack!
  14. Ordered

    Ah that's not to bad, I was lucky enough to have a New car when I passed ( a new shape KA ) but was getting through a tank a week, I fill this up once every 3 weeks! Insurance was £1650 Fully Comp
  15. Ordered

    No problem! :) Mines a diesel! The 1.5 TDCi, I'm only 18 and they wouldn't insure me on the petrol ! Getting 54MPG Currently, has peaked at 66MPG before Christmas, but now it's a bit colder it's just dropped down to 50MPG, covered 1200 miles so far! My dealer had a 100ps and said he was getting 45/50 MPG and his was 4 weeks old so!