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  1. Already printed and kept with my car documents! - Thanks mate B)
  2. All sorted! :) Stoney was right about the immobiliser chip, its on the fob part not the key part. The fob I bought of ebay worked fine once programmed. Guess I got lucky as I didn't check if the part number match my existing key, nor did I know about the sequence! The red key (pictured in my 1st post) doesn't do anything, doesnt open my doors nor start it. Am guessing it wasn't ever meant for my car? I'll hang on to it just in case though! All done in a few minutes, the 1st time I tried programming the remote it beeped but didn't work, the 2nd time it didn't beep but worked. Not sure why but I now have 2 working keys and a spare fob. I might as well get the key cut as I have a spare fob with a working immobiliser chip. Thanks everyone for your help, really appreciate it and am well happy I managed to fix it myself! :D
  3. Thanks for the info Alan! Much appreciated. I hear what your saying ndsussex, if I can get the remote locking sorted for £15 its a small price to pay for the convenience of quicky getting in /out or my car.... Must do it 5-10 times a day! I'll try starting my car without carring the botton part of the fob and see if it starts - good thinking! Hopefully the new fob arrifes tomorrow and I can get it working without problems!
  4. Yeah I guess it makes more sence to that but just thought I'd replace the the horse shoe bit too as mine looks really tatty. Thanks for the info
  5. Hello, First let me just apologise in advance for my dumbness! I replaced the battery on my keyfob and for some reason it wasn't working all the time when I tried to lock/unlock my doors so I openned it up again and in the process damaged one of the chips inside, so now it doesnt' work at all! Oh and I have mullered the plastic casing too! Theses are all the keys I have... I have purchased this key on ebay... http://cgi.ebay.co.u...em=190631500419 If I get the key from ebay cut at a local key cutter and reprogram the fob to operate my doors and boot + reprogram the the immobiliser I'll be back in business! Or am I missing something? How do you remove the key blade from my existing fob and put it into the new casing? I cant see how to do this? I guess it would be easier to just take me existing blade with the plastic and put it into the new fob but it looks really tatty now. Also where is the chip or whatever it is that talks to the car's immobiliser on the key? - My existing key with the 3 buttons still starts the car despite the fact I have damaged the circuit board inside the fob. One last thing! ... I have the Red key, but the key pattern looks different to that of the blue key and the key with the fob. (fob key and blue key look the same) Im too scared to try and use the red key on my car incase I bugger anyithing else up! Red key on the left, blue on the right. thanks for any tips!
  6. Aircon Always On!

    Thanks for the replies, I never knew that! Would be nice if the aircon light would illuminate! my dad has been driving the car for the past 3 years with the aircon always on!! lol I wonder how much fuel has been wasted.
  7. Aircon Always On!

    Hi guys Iv'e been driving my dad's focus (mk2) for a few weeks and noticed that the aircon is always on even though the button has not been pressed. I only noticed because the plastic around the vents by the windscreen had a lot of moisture and was ice cold. I have a mk1 focus and never had this issue. My dad always moaned about the mpg and I guess having the aircon always on had something to with it! Anyone else have this issue?
  8. Has My Timing Belt Been Replaced?

    Have booked it in next week, mechanic advised (as you suggest) the whole kit, water pump and auxiliary belt. Also gonna get a service done and rear wheel bearings. Hope it doesn't cost too much!
  9. Has My Timing Belt Been Replaced?

    Cheers for the replies, I just wasnt sure if New fords come with motorcraft parts as standard. If it was a gates belt Im assuming it had been done and probably wouldn't bother right now as im skint! Correct me if im wrong but is the recommended interval every 10 years or 100,000 miles on a focus? Whatever comes 1st of cause. I think your right, and will get it replaced next pay cheque, Any idea how much I should expect to pay from a local garage, Im guessing best to do the water pump too, anything else whilst Im at it!? Thanks.
  10. Hello, I was hoping someone may be able to help... I recently bought a 99 Focus 1.8 with no service history. As its quite old I should probably get the cambelt changed but noticed that on the existing belt there is a "MotorCraft" stamp on the belt. Do ford's come with those belts from new? Or has it already been replaced? Thanks! :)