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  1. Removing Abs Module Fiesta 06

    Hi Nathan & everyone Update: managed to get the ABS controller out, did what you said took the metal pipes off the ABS metal block/pump thing. Now can send the ABS controller. Bad thing cant drive to work! the break doesn't work :S the pedal goes all the way down to the floor. If I keep pumping the break then it goes stiff but then soon after goes all the way down to the floor... whats going on? :S I thought you can drive without the ABS plastic controller unit.
  2. Removing Abs Module Fiesta 06

    Hi nathnan Thanks for your replies. If I undo the 5 nuts the unit will come off? I just need the plastic ABS unit to send off. If you look at the picture there are two bolts housing the abs module n pump units. I was thinking of unscrewing them but still getting access to remove just the abs module is difficult. tight space.
  3. Removing Abs Module Fiesta 06

    so I have to remove all the black pipes to get to the screws? im just worried its going to start leaking brake fluid everywhere. I am a newbie at this stuff. from the picture are you able identify if the brake lines are the only thing preventing me to separate the abs module from the metal block?
  4. Removing Abs Module Fiesta 06

    Hi Iv got some problems with my ABS module on fiesta 06 style. I need to remove the abs module but I don't want to open up the break line pipes. can anyone advise me how I may go around separating the metal block from the plastic abs module. I need to send it for repair before MOT due... ive added picture to show where I am at this stage of the repair. Many thanks.
  5. Hi. I am a proud new owner of a TDCI 1.4 2006 facelift fiesta. After coming back from holiday i notice some spaz had taken my spoiler off. Thus i got my self an alarm system (no its not a toad or clifford) the alarm offers me shock sensors and ultrasonics. Im fine with the alarm system I just am stuck with which wires are what on the car.... Pleaaaaase could someone help me with this... A wire diagram for the feista? I need to know which is the battery, boot, break pad, lights, etc. thanks in advance