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  1. No Serial Number In Cd Panel!

    SUCCESS! It worked. Thank you very much, I really really appreciate your time and help. :D
  2. No Serial Number In Cd Panel!

    It's not actually locked at present.
  3. No Serial Number In Cd Panel!

    Thank you so much sir! Will give it a bash tomorrow, how do you key in the digit 8 though, if the panel runs from 1 to 6?
  4. No Serial Number In Cd Panel!

    At long last :D , I've been able to get the M number M107428 (please see pic attached): Is there any possibility anyone could generate a code for me? Many thanks in advance, Kris
  5. Handbook

    Nothing wrong as yet Kev, just thought I really should have one in the event that something does in happen in the future. Thank you very much for your offer of help though. Have managed to order one off eBay for £4.00 (Last of the big spenders eh?) Many thanks again though. Kris
  6. No Serial Number In Cd Panel!

    Sorry to ask again, but does anyone know if that is the serial number at all?
  7. No Serial Number In Cd Panel!

    Hi, thanks for the advice, tnp. I have found this number on the cd player screen: MVP DJ S (or 5) 4-04 04-03-00 When I held down 6 and 1 on the front panel. Is this of any use? Just in case, before I start to take the player out of the dash board. Thanks again, Kris
  8. Handbook

    Hi there, As per my other post, got bought a Mk2 2000 Mondeo yesterday and having a bad start to be honest! :( The guy I bought it off didn't have the owner's handbook manual available to give me. Does anyone have a pdf copy of the handbook or know of a website where it may be available? Many thanks, Kris
  9. No Serial Number In Cd Panel!

    Thanks for that. Forgive my ignorance, but does this mean removing the entire cd/radio or just the front panel where the 1-6 numbers are located? If just the panel, is there any other way at all to find the serial number other than the first option you mentioned? Thanks again, Kris
  10. Hello all, new guy here, please be gentle Just bought a 2nd hand Mondeo Zetec 2000 today and my request for help is in respect of the CD player, which is the 6000CD RDS EON. It is currently LOCKED. I know that a code can be generated via the serial number within the little front panel that clicks off and the serial number should be within a label beginning either M or L. However...this panel has no serial number listed! Either a sticky label has fallen off and the previous owner didn't bother about it as he knew the code or alternatively, was truly evil and removed it prior to selling. I have no means of obtaining it through the guy at the local garage as he did not get it from the fella he bought it off. Anyway, long and short of it is...Is there any way of getting hold of the serial number by another means so that I can put in a request to get an unlocking code? Pulling my hair out here Many thanks in advance to any kind soul who can assist. Kris