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  1. Removing Interior Parts

    Oh yes i was proper chuffed it was still inone piece when i had finished lol
  2. Removing Interior Parts

    Thanks for the replies. Managed to get it off, and more importantly back on again
  3. Removing Interior Parts

    Im after some help, i need to remove a part of the dash frommy 09 Zetec S, the grey/silver piece which runs around the stereo and arount gear stick/handbrake. im guessing it just needs levering off with a sctrewdriver but not sure if thats going to break it. Has any one removed this part before? If so please help
  4. show off your 5 door foci!!!

    This is my baby, posted the pic before so some of you have probably seen it. hey leemaxd, i like the exhaust where did you get that done?
  5. Custom Laser Cut Parts For Your Focus

    i like the idea gives a real nice crisp finish
  6. Windy Noise Whilst Driving

    Thanks ill take a look when the wife gets back with the car
  7. Windy Noise Whilst Driving

    just wondering if any one else gets this problem or if any body knows the solution. i have a 59 reg zetec s, and when im driving i get a noise from the passenger door area, that sounds like the window is not shut properly. havent really had a look as yet but was wonderiong if this could just be a manufacturing fault. thanks
  8. Jingles Zetec S

    next has to be getting the rear windows tinted, but the list just keeps getting longer the more i think about it.
  9. Jingles Zetec S

    cost just over 550 with cheap tyres for now, yes managed to get rid off the old ones thanks
  10. Jingles Zetec S

    finaly got my new wheels on.
  11. Jingles Zetec S

    Just started this thread with the help of Lenny, thanks. Makng some changes to my Focus so let me now what you think
  12. New To This

    im a bit useless at this how do i start a thread, cheers for your help
  13. New To This

    cheers mate, quite like hese ides very subtle. ill keep you updated
  14. New To This

    hello all, new to this site so thought i would post a pic of my zetc s. had it 6 months but been in afgan since march, so only just starting o change it. 18 inch st alloys arrive tommorow. what other changes do people reccomend.