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  1. Clock Spring Defective

    Would you know what the suffix -AB, AC,AD are following the part number, the parts are advertised as being mondeo 2001-2007 does this mean that they fit all?Only I have looked at several on e-bay, they look the same but have a different suffix
  2. 2.0Tdci Satrting Issues

    The air filter was changed about twelve months ago, the plate is a solid plate, the EML didnt come on immediately, however, now it is on and reading a code on gas circulation low. I clear the code and it just comes back on! My main issue is with this starting thing. What is a VNT?
  3. 2.0Tdci Satrting Issues

    Sorr no codes but it us only a small handheld diagnostic tool. I have also blamked off the ERG
  4. 2.0Tdci Satrting Issues

    Yesit has the electronic turbo actuator. The glow plugs were replaced about two years ago.
  5. Mondeo 2005 Tdci Ghia 130 When i start my car in the morning, the car is very sluggish and the engine management light, battery light etc remain on until the engine kicks in properly,the throttle is also non responsive at this stage, when the lights go out after about ten seconds and the car billows out a great amount of smoke, the throttle begins to respond and the engine evens out. The car runs great, the mpg is great and I have no other issues. When i try and start it again after a short while leaving it, the car can be very lumpy starting again and i have to hold the ignition on keeping it turning over until it eventually fires up properly. Any ideas??? I had the injectors refurbished last year also!!
  6. Hi, I have a Mk3 2.0 Tdci Ghia 130, When I start the car the airbag light flashes once then 9 times, it then pauses and will start again, the same sequence before staying on. I have read the codes and the suggestion is taht it is the clock spring. Is there any way of telling if this is the case as i dont wish to spend out to find that it is not this. I have had the unit off, is it correct that the unit comes off complete with the indicator/wiper stalks or do they come off. I have looked at some clock springs on e-bay for my model and they do not have the stalks attached. My car is due for MOT and I know it will fail this time around with the light on. Any help would be appreciated.
  7. Yes I have identified the problem or should I say, I paid £100 to identify the problem via a Delphi testing bench. The problem was the injectors failed the test on Idle, which explained the problems with the poor starting and the uneven running on idle. It was my worst fear as I now have to pay out around £500 for the injectors to be reconditioned, the upside is that because I am using the same guy who done the test, the testing fee has been reduced to £50 from £100. I have to say that the test was very impressive, the injectors are removed from the car and put on the testing bench, which is basically an engine set up. The machine is set off working and is brought up to 40 degrees C then they perform the tests. It was worth the test money to get the result. Now its just a case of stumping up the funds to sort the job out which will be done tomorrow. Sorry its not better news!! Hope it helps
  8. Airbag Light

    To be honest, today i have had the seat up on the drivers side as the mechanism that operates the electric raising and lowering of the seat stopped working, so today, i have had a look at the mechanism and there are a couple of teeth broken off the cog inside!!
  9. Just recently, I have been getting an Airbag light on. The light flashes once and then nine times before coming permanent, i understand from previous comments that this would indicate a fault with the passenger airbag, however I have checked the wiring to the module and this all appears in order and I cannot understand why this should just develope a fault. Does anybody have any ideas? My car is due for an MOT in October, I believe this is a failure, is this true?
  10. I have a Mk3 2.0Tdci and I am having problems with starting the car. In the morning generally I can turn the car over and it will fire up no problem but is very errattic and lumpy for a short while. it usually sends out quite a bit of black smoke also. I initialy thought that there was a glow plug issue, so replaced the glow plugs and this revealed that one of the glow plugs was not working, in addition to this for good measure I replaced the fuel filter also just in case it was that. I thought this would have solved the problems but it did not. After the car has been run for a while, once you turn off the engine, the car does not start straight away and I find that i have to keep the starter turning over until it eventually catches, this usually results in a black cloud of smoke again. There is no loss of power from the car, however, I have had to recently replace the Turbo boost pipe as this was split. I have also just cleaned out the ERG valve as this was quite thick with carbon. I have also had the car on a diagnostic to see if there are any faults but nothing shows. i am confused and frustrated as the car once running is a cracker. can anybody please help?