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  1. Hi all, I had to do this recently and after getting nowhere scrabbling around upside down under the pedals I decided to remove the lower steering column cowling to enable me to see the small hole on the chassis to hook the end of the spring into. I had already removed the lower panel to the right hand side of the dash.I think it was a total of four screws( two on each panel and a few clips). The radio controller stalk needs to be pulled out of the steering cover to enable it to drop down. This let me get my head just a little bit further to the left and low and behold- there it was... a small hole about 2mm dia. at the bottom of a V shaped panel above the master cylinder. You can just see it by looking through the gap below the steering column. By putting my arm through this gap I was able to hook the smaller hook in to the hole from the top (i.e. hook pointing downwards). Once this is done pull the long end of the spring (which I had packed with washers between the coils to pre-stretch it) over the hook on the top end of the pedal itself. I had to pull it the last few mm's with a piece of cord and hey presto! job done without having to hang upside down like a bat. Once it is hooked on depress the pedal to enable the washers to fall out. Some might need pulled out bout they come out fairly easily.