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  1. Power Outlet

    Thanks for that sorry about the late reply. It turned out to be different there was a little picture for me on the inside of the glovebox lid showing me the location of each fuse and luckily it was just a standard blade on my car not those weird cube fuses. I managed pick one up for 20p from a local motor factors. As an aside if anyone reads this it was the slot above the 3rd 7.5 amp fuse I'm from that side next to the 15 on that third row up.
  2. Private Plates

    There are some daft prices there its like as soon as you go down from 3 numbers on the old style the minimum is £399. Irritating.
  3. Private Plates

    Yep that's the sort of stuff people were telling me so I was thinking I went from a 150 tax car to get diesels that were 30/20 to tax and didn't wanna be paying it out each year to have a plate. So am I right in thinking that if a plate is listed at say £250 on the dvla site then that will include assigning it to my car?
  4. Private Plates

    Ok so I am looking at getting a plate and give up with google to get the answer I want. Do you need to pay year on year to keep a plate if its on a car? I know if its not on a car you do but it should always be on a car in theory. I definitely want to go ahead and have even found a plate but if I'm gonna have to pay year on year I'm not going to bother. I also don't know anyone with one to ask and thought this place was a good bet.
  5. Power Outlet

    Sorry if this has been posted before but I've just got an 09 zetec and the power outlet doesn't work but I'm not sure if its just the fuse but have no idea where the fuse box is or which fuse it will be. That's part 1 second part if its not the fuse how hard is it to fit a new one? I can't see it being the outlet though as it looks new to me it doesn't look like its really been used so I'm almost certain it's going to be the fuse but just wondering if its been done? Thanks in advance
  6. Car made where?

    Apologies I found it in a google search and forgot it wasn't something that was on the homepage. Ah well. I got told that all rhd ones were German anyway but by the looks of things they're not.
  7. Car made where?

    German. YES. After all my French cars happy I now have a car made by people who know what they're doing.
  8. Keys

    Oh I did I had it reduced by about £500 using that as part when it was already cheap anyway. Also got more for my 207 than its worth and I'm desperate as the 207 is dying electronically.
  9. Keys

    Ok so I'm getting an 09 Fiesta Zetec but there's only one key. Im getting the impression I can't get a second key ever as I need two keys to be able to program a new one. Is this correct? I don't mind buying a second key as the car was a good lot cheaper than the next in that condition/mileage but I will be cancelling it if this is indeed the case as many garages would never take it off me in the future with 1 key. Thanks I'm advance.
  10. Rust On Sportka

    Sorry about the late reply no she decided she didnt want it. We have made a lot of changes since this post. Shes now waiting on approval for finance on a 61 Plate Ka Edge in White and I am rejoining the club I am trading my 207 in for a 2009 1.4 TDCi Fiesta. I'm so excited sick of the 207 Breaking down. I understand the diesels are peugeot/ford joint design but they are built in different places so pretty happy.
  11. Rust On Sportka

    Cool. Thanks for the help.
  12. Rust On Sportka

    So if its rust free now probably worth a look you'd say? Fair does. Just don't wanna replace one rust bucket with another near future rust bucket. Thanks for the reply
  13. Rust On Sportka

    Probably been asked before but I'm looking at a SportKa to replace my girlfriends 02 standard ka. It's got rust pretty bad and I am looking to know whether the SportKas are as prone to it or not? The SportKa is only an 03 so isn't an awful lot newer its rust free at the moment though but want to know if that's likely to last. I had an 02 206 until a couple years ago and that didn't have any rust at all so know the age isn't necessarily a point really. Thanks in advance for any responses.
  14. I dont think its really any better but it can be worse. There are two reasons it can be worse: 1. Revving higher than normal in 3rd 2. Labouring the engine in 5th. Labouring can be as bad as over revving. Think of the difference when youre riding a bike and you change to a high gear when youre into your stride or if you change when youve only just started. It takes more energy and cars are the same. I had a C4 for a short period and if I did this then it would drop to extremely low revs and drop to around 20mpg when if I did 4th then 5th itd be more like 35mpg. My Corsa, however, is a lot better it will allow this but really it makes little difference between both ways.
  15. R.i.p Fiesta

    I didn't mean to put you off and I wasn't bashing you it just seemed like misinformed information. A ds3 really shouldn't be going from 21k to less than half within a year. A ds3 is actually supposed to hold approximately 40% of its new value as trade in after three years (that's an industry forecast of course they've not quite been out 3 years yet). If your were talking about citroen dealers you'd have a good point apart from real main dealers (like citroen Manchester that's actually owned by peugeot citroen themselves like robins and day) the citroen dealers aren't monitored thoroughly enough. I this weekend went looking at the c3 at a dealership which is a proper citroen garage but not owned by citroen and there were 5 c3s all listed as vtis both on the forecourt and online but a check of the plates and citroen systems found that 4 were actually the 1.4 8v (horrid engine) and the cheapest was actually the only VTi. They were a rubbish drive so I've bought a corsa instead but point still stands. I really did not intend to put you off I was actually trying to help the DS3 is a good car it's well made, especially for a French car. In my opinion if she was offered so little after a year then its the dealer not the car. If you don't mind me asking how did she manage to pay 21k for a DS3 to begin with a year ago? The only spec that's that expensive is the prestige and it really doesn't have anything that justifies the price and the racing wasn't available on pcp then.