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  1. Ford Fiesta 1.3 Flight Car

    thanks danny for the advice, i think your spot on what as gone on with the whining, at least i know the car wont breck down with this, i seen to understand in what your saying, i will re top up and leave it to run like this, Carl
  2. Ford Fiesta 1.3 Flight Car

    I have found the Allen key opening for the gearbox, maybe I will take this off first to see if owt comes out, also I have notice is the whining noise gets alot more high pitched if I put it into first gear with the clutch pedal down at 20-30mph, so at 15-30 mph with the cutch pedal down 1st gear , really high pitched only down in speed of course because out of gear ratio , 2nd gear pitch at most at 22 mph with speed up or down , 3rd gear only slight noise at the same speeds , 4th gear nothing at all, hope this info helps with my test I taken to get to the bottom of this , thanks Carl
  3. Ford Fiesta 1.3 Flight Car

    All I asked for is advice , I didn't mean to cause a war!! I was wondering if they was am easy fix to this problem or will it cause further damage to the car?!? I can't see it bring the speakers tho, because the radio been turned off (dlockers) I am no engineer in cars and was trying save 0000s on this, All you who have posted have been very helpful but this as turned in abit of debate ,
  4. Ford Fiesta 1.3 Flight Car

    So what could it possible be , a high pitched whining noise that only occurs in 2nd gear mostly with the clutch padel pressed down, between speeds of 25 to 10 , mostly heard at 22, if I take it out of gear at this stage to N , it goes away, can you explain this d locker ???
  5. Ford Fiesta 1.3 Flight Car

    Its defo the gearbox, because , when am in N , it makes no noise at all, where do I look to check the level as I have no idea where that is ???
  6. Ford Fiesta 1.3 Flight Car

    Wow , changing gearbox sounds a tough job for a novice knowledge Person like me, to put things into what I have notice with the car is follows, I got the car at 37300 from a lad who had a custom made exhaust on it, very noisy and well looked after, when I was driving the car at first, I didn't notice the whining because it's my first car and would of thought it was normal, after a few weeks of driving it, I did start listening to the engine whining noise, deceleration to turn couners, with the stupid exhaust I had on . I proberly couldn't hear it in acceleration though and past 2nd gear , I monited the noise going though 2700ish with no changes to it, then I had my car MOT about 3 weeks ago , got the exhaust removed for a standed one put on, that's when I notice the whining up as well as down, proberly hear more then now, but I think I will leave it how it is for the next 300-500 miles and if the noise increases will get something done, my question is???? 1.will this cause damage to the car if it doesn't change in any way??? I would like to get under the bonnet and fix this myself but I can't from a book, I can only do things when I have watched someone do it or show things!!! So I will leave it how it is and carry on as normal, Also done the radio test and the noise is still their,
  7. Ford Fiesta 1.3 Flight Car

    Thanks for the help!! I will change the gearbox some how, the whining does only happen in gears 1 2 and 3 , the car as only done 40000 miles , in no gear it sounds ok, I have been told its a bearing wearing in the gearbox, the only problem I will have now is putting oil in the gearbox because i have no how to do this
  8. Ford Fiesta 1.3 Flight Car

    Dear all Over the last 6 to 8 mths , i have notice a whining noise , in gears 2nd and 3rd, I have no idea what this is and how to fix this, here some points on it 1, when in 2nd gear its at it worst , you can hear it whin up and down from speeds of 20-10mph, its been like this for a while now and doesnt seen to get any higher pitch then it is already is..but can be annoying not know what it is!! 2.In 3rd gear its only slight and can only just hear it Is this somthing bad?? Can it be fixed?? will it cause damage in the long run?? Hope you take you time to reply to my topic because i have no idea with not much machanic knowledge!! Thanks Carl
  9. Fiesta Stalling

    mine had a service on it doing the same , not idleing and stalling but ok after a few miles , i have check all sorts out under the engine but still no joy , let me know if you cured the problem
  10. Ford Fiesta Problem

    Thanks I will
  11. Ford Fiesta Problem

    thats the engine light on the dash
  12. Ford Fiesta Problem

    Hi All I had a service on my ford fiesta 1.3 mk5 facelift (engine endura) servive on my car, oil,filters,flush, and noisey tappets ajustment - Now the noise as gone on the tappets , their seens to be a bigger problem , it stalls all the time , traffic lights, when i idle, etc them after 10 to 15 miles my engine light came on in the, the know now 1. STALLS ON HILLS AND STRIGHTS ILDEING, NOT IN GEAR TOO, 2.DOESNT SEEN TO STALL DOWNHILLS AT ALL, 3.STARTS OK AND CAN TICK OVER TOO, BUT SHAKES LIKE IT WANTS TO SHUTDOWN If any of you can help me please do... as its frying my head to bits What are the common cause of this???? Thank you
  13. Fiesta Mark Iv (1999–2002): Facelift

    hello where can i find the workshop/owners manual for this car online for freeeeeeee Thanks
  14. Engine Whineing Noise

    Hello I Have notice a whineing noise when slowing down in 2nd gear in my ford fiesta 1.3 flight 51 plate Will it damage my car if i continue to used it with this noise What is the cause of problem? HELP ME PLEASE Kind regards Carl
  15. Ford Fieta 1.3 Flight Tappets 51 Plate

    I have been reading up on it , it's that type of engine , needs doing every 6 mths or so, gonna get it done by a friend of a friend mancanic ,