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  1. This morning as I was turning into the road to work my Fiesta cut out on me, I didn't stall I don't think as I didnt have to stop, I was half way round the corner, and the power steering locked up, then I saw all the lights on the instrument panel. Put my hazards on restarted and away I went. When I got to work I let it run a little bit and it was a little juddery, not sure if that's the right word to use but it was like it was gonna cut out again but didnt! Anyone else experienced this?
  2. Air Conditioning Help

    Thanks, that helps a bit. I drove home with the vents open tonight, couldn't really tell the difference in coldness but I guess it must have been. The car is about 7 months old.
  3. Air Conditioning Help

    As a new user to Air Conditioning I'm not really sure how to operate it properly. I know I have to press the button and I set my dials to what it showed in the book but I still dont know if I'm doing it properly! The book said have the fan speed on 2, temperature to cold I guess to cool down, and the direction of air to face, but do I need the vents open or leave them closed? The air flow feels the same with or without a/c on! HELP lol
  4. 12V Power Outlet Not Working

    I sorted it, I phoned them up, they told me which fuse and I replaced it, all working again now! :P
  5. 12V Power Outlet Not Working

    Thanks, I may just have to do that as I can't find a fuse for it anywhere!
  6. Just got home from a 5 hour journey and at the services halfway I unplugged my Tom Tom from the Power Outlet, when I plugged it back in there was no power. Tried the charger for my phone and no power there either. When I got home I checked the fuses but I can't see anything for the Power Outlet, there are no fuses in the places where they go for Cigarette Lighter, does anyone have any idea where I should be looking or is it a visit to the garage!!! By the way my car is a 58 Fiesta 1.25i Zetec Blue
  7. auto wipers

    Hiya, I have auto wipers, I tend to leave them on at sensitivity 2, sometimes 3 (but you have to reset them if you change the sensitivity - I think), and basically they operate according to how heavy the rain is. I was told originally that they would wipe once when you turn on the ignition and so advisable to not have them on, however, mine dont do that so I tend to just leave them on. I love not having to keep switching speeds depending on the rain. HOpe this helps as I'm a new Fiesta owner!
  8. Loose Steering

    Finally sorted, they hadnt locked the wheel in straight when they did the tracking, it's fine now :D
  9. Loose Steering

    It was the tracking, they did it but the steering wheel is a bit wonky so I'm taking it back again!
  10. New Member

    Thank you, good to be here :D
  11. Loose Steering

    Good grief, after 6 weeks? Yikes! I'm hoping it will cost me nothing, but if I get a bill for the record I'll definitely let you know. Cheers :D
  12. Hey, I've had my fiesta about 6 weeks (bought from brand new) and everything has been fine but over the last 2 days the steering seems to have become loose and sometimes when I brake hard it kind of slips, also does this sometimes when I just turn the wheel a little. I guess I should just phone the garage up but I just want to know I'm not being paranoid as I always seem to have trouble with cars, new or old! *edit* I've called the Garage and its booked in for tomorrow.
  13. New Member

    Hi Everyone, I'm Mel, I'm new, had a Fiesta for about a month now, it's the old new style, if you know what I mean, the one before the brand new one that's just come out. Its a Zetec Blue, Amethyst colour, I love it!