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  1. Battery Issues??

    Hey guys and girls, i've discovered abit of a problem recently with my mk5 fiesta. I hadn't used the car since wednesday, realised it was flat yesterday when the central locking was slow to respond. Tested the battery at 7v, jumped it off my mums car and it was alright after removing the leads it would start again on its own. the alternator must be alright, because it was staying ay 14.01 regardless of RPM. Tested it this morning and the battery was at 3V, so why is it draining? I mean i can say personally i think the battery is okay because once i jumped it and removed the leads the alternator was putting charge in it straight away and as said it was starting alright on its own which tells me it is taking charge.. but why has it drained SO much more over one night? It's on charge atm, so see what happens. But im concerned something is draining it.. i have consequently disconnected all amps and other unnecessary electrical items. The battery was so flat the clock wasnt even on this morning lol! Oh yeah, i checked all cells and each was okay!
  2. Rapid Temp Gauge Movement

    Thanks :D I just found a video on youtube of how to flush out an engine and replace the thermostat (shame it was a 1.3 endura though!) but i think i know enough now to have a go. When i replace the hcv and possibly thermostat, is it worth me sort of blasting the hose through the heater matrix pipes to clean the gunk out?
  3. Ford Fiesta Sidelight/stereo Problem?!!!!

    haha i thought as much, sounded like someone confused the illumination wire with the power/ignition wire :P
  4. Rapid Temp Gauge Movement

    Hey Lenny, Thanks for the reply :) I did consider head gasket but as im loosing neither coolant or oil (and i did the check you mentioned, and my oilcap has dark black oil on it) so i knew i could at least put that conclusion out of the window. Is there something special i am to put in the coolant system? I was just aware that water was all i need (and obviously a mixture of anti-freeze). Learn new stuff all the time aha :) How do i do a coolant system flush and refill? The only real way i know of refilling a coolant system is running the engine with the cap off and slowly filling it as it goes down (something dad showed me) if there is a better proper way of doing it i would for sure give it a go :)
  5. Hey guys, got abit of a problem i need to get to the bottom of asap. I drive a 2001 Fiesta Zetec-lx with a 1.25 SE engine. When driving about my temperature gauge plays about, and constantly waves between the centre of "normal" and right past red. I know that the slightest movement on this gauge is a few degrees, so there is no way it can possible heat and cool as quickly as the gauge is telling me. The needle constantly waves between centre and past red (it never used to pass the middle, ever) and if i go round a roundabout or right hand corner the gauge goes down, but then returns to waving between the two again. I broke my HCV (by removing the pipes, the plastic just crumbled) so i have a new one on its way. I'm hoping this might be the issue? I have bled the system of air by running the engine with the water bottle cap off and squeezing the rad pipes, and slowly adding water (as i lost some when i removed the hcv - i have now bypassed with copper pipe for now) and no air was coming out so i don't think an airlock is the problem? There is no pattern, such as (and i would never do this) if i was redlining the enging i could understand the gauge would obviously go up as it would be getting hotter, and if i was sat in traffic it might get warmer as theres no air flowing through the radiator, but i could be driving at 60-70mph and it will be waving between red and normal, but for example i was going up a 11% gradient of a dual carriageway (which is 50mph) and i had to do it in third with a lot of throttle to keep at 50, and the gauge was going DOWN! - surely would have gone right up as i had to use quite a few revs to keep upto speed? I can think of things that might be the issue, but i don't know what or even where to start on it. Out of:- Heater control valve Thermostat Temperature sensor What could be causing the gauge to rapidly move as it does?! I feel this is an urgent matter, as i can't be sure if me engine is overheating or not and i dont want to make it worse :( I would be thankfull for any and all helpful replies! - Davey
  6. my mums 04 focus c-max makes a banging noise on full lock, and the turning circle is horrific. is this normal?
  7. Cv Joint Failure?

    wheel shake at 60-70? could be wheel weights need balancing, loose wheel nuts, track rod end joints..
  8. Hi All...

    hey steve! what issues are they?
  9. well its lovely to have found such a thiving ford forum :D. im dave, im 19 and i drive a '97 fiesta 1.4 ghia X