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  1. Thanks for all your replies, very helpfil indeed. Tried the suggestions out today and work a treat :)
  2. Your a Gent... Thanks alot. I think this was the case :P
  3. Hi Adrian, Thanks very much for your reply. It makes sense now you mentioned what it most likely is used for haha. I'm so glad I didn't snap it off now.
  4. Please could someone help? As soon as I start my car up (Festa Eedge 2012) the Air Con automtically fires up? I was wondering if it was possible to stop this coming on by itself (im assuming its to do with the current temp) In the book it does state to hold the "auto" button on the fan dial. Unfortunatly, I do not have this button, But surely I shouldn't have to turn my air con off everytime I gt in the car? Sometimes I like to just open a window lol. Thanks again for putting up with my daftness. :P
  5. Hello, I picked up my new Fiesta yesterday, I feel a bit silly asking the question, but there is a small transparrent clip on the drivers side of the windscreen (insude)? I have tried to remove this as I thought it may have been for the dealers to clip a price / information on the inside of the vehicle to be displayed? When trying to remove this it looks like it might snap the plastic on the inside of the car? Please can anyone shed any light on what this clip is used for or on hows best to remove this Many Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi, Picked my Panther Black Fiesta Edge 2012 model up yesterday and loveing it so far :) Got a couple of little questions for the experts on the forum so will find / create an appropriate thread. Hope anyone who is waiting to pick a new Ford up don't have to wait tooo long :(
  7. Thanks Paul, yeh counting down the days already lol :) Not too sure you will be botherd about pics of mine as I won't of done anything to it :( Still, can't waiiittt.
  8. Thanks for your help Mark :) just lookin at accessories now ;) Thanks again!
  9. Picking up my Fiesta Edge next week sometime, can't wait. Still don't know exactly what I get in it, they tried to sell me the 2011 model for £500 cheaper but wanted to get the 2012 model.
  10. Hi all, sorry if this is a short post but I'm sending this from my Blackberry. Please could anyone tell me the list of differences from a 2011 model fiesta edge and a 2012 edge. My understanding so far is the wheel trims are slightly different and there are some silver / chrome finished inside the 2012 model. Many thanks in advance.