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  1. Touch Screen Satnav Problem

    Sorry mate, this is a bad sign, I recommend a visit to the local car parts shop and get a roll of two inch wide masking tape and some blu tac, Remove the unit from the dash, disconnect all cables, make sure your ignition is off. you now need a metal disk about 1 inch across, a 10p coin is about the right size next you need to earth out the unit, this is where the masking tape comes in to its own, before you do that, take the metal disk ( the 10p coin ) and put the coin secure to the top of the unit with the blu tac, next you need to take the unit out to a anodised structure, I can recommend a bus shelter, use the masking tape to make a good connection to the upright post. then go to Halfords and buy a satnav..... Look on the bright side, if anyone in the bus shelter should finds it, well at least they have found 10p Regards, The Twonk
  2. Good day to all, I have just bought a 2001 Mondeo 2lt diesel with a duff turbo, I sent a second hand one up to be fitted by a friend, as he was not sure of the oil pipe flow / return he turned the engine over to see what one was pumping oil, both of us seem to think oil had gone into the exhaust pipe and may-be got as far as the "cat", when it was first run the smoke was so excessive I had to stop after a mile as the smoke blanked out the road, I found a back road and gave it some stick for a couple of mile and it seemed to clear a lot. I took the car to a testing station about 8 mile drive away where it failed the emissions test, I dont think its the second hand turbo as the smoke was almost gone after the drive to the test station, if oil has got down to the cat, how would I clean it ? I did talk to a fitter at the test station and he said if it was oil sat in the cat converter it might burn off in about 300 mile but as the car has no MOT it's not possibe to do this, any idea what to do. Many thanks for any advise in advance. Kind regards, Allan.