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  1. Guess the engine/car (bit of fun)

    Vectra, either 1.8 16v ecotec or the 2.0 16v ecotec X20XEV.
  2. Mk2.5 Petrol Engine Differences

    Any idea if the 2.0 is a timing belt or a timing chain, does yours use much oil and how much is the tax per year? Thanks.
  3. 02 Focus 1.8 tdi EDU repair

    Have a look on ecutesting.com, I think they advertise on ebay as well.
  4. Coolant/Oil Issues/Loss of Power

    Who was the original Ford dealer that did the service in September?
  5. I think the 1.8 TDCI engine was dropped around 2009 as it didn't meet Euro 5 emissions.
  6. Aux Drive Belt

    Do you know the Ford part number for the timing belt kit and how much did it cost?
  7. New Member Saying Hello

    Yes, I expect most have been converted to the Type 9 5 speed gearbox.
  8. New Member Saying Hello

    Very nice MK2 Mexico, very rare car today, has it still got its 1.6 Pinto or have you changed it for the 2 litre? Is it all original? Looks like venitian red.
  9. 1978 would be a MK1 Fiesta although they are similer to the MK2, the MK1 XR2 had the 1.6 kent pushrod engine which are quite rare now, the MK2 XR2 had the CVH engine which are more common, I'd have thought the CVH could be fitted although the 5 speed gearbox that is fitted with them woud need the N/S chassis leg modifying for the slightly wider gearbox. If you wanted to keep it in period the 1.6 kent pushrod would be the one to go for.

    Are you sure it's rain water or could it be coolant?
  11. Third year service & first MOT next month

    Yes, I noticed sometimes the price wasn't displayed when I tried, I just used to change the radius to 25 miles then back to 10 etc and the price seemed to display, having said that I think it depends if a garage has allowed the price to be displayed.
  12. Third year service & first MOT next month

    Bit expensive, you should be able to do better than that, have you tried putting you reg number and postcode into the ford website? https://secure.ford.co.uk/OSB?ref=%2Fowner%2Fmy-vehicle%2Fbook-a-service
  13. Third year service & first MOT next month

    Just had our 64 plate focus 1.0 ecoboost 3rd service and first m.o.t done, Tom is more or less spot on with the price, after emailing a few main dealers some of which came back with stupid prices, we ended up paying £210 for the service, make sure the quotes you get include the spark plugs as some of the quotes didn't, also makes sure they use the 5/20 ecoboost oil. You can look on the service section of the ford website, type in your post code and reg number and the prices should be displayed at your dealership near you.
  14. Ford focus mk2 coolant leak

    Does sound like heater pipes, there's a thread here about it.
  15. Mk3 glovebox removal

    Is this how you change the pollen filter on the MK3 then, is it similar to the MK2.5 where you have to unhinge the fuse box from the bulk head then undo a couple of 5.5 mm screws from the side of the heater matrix?