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  1. Some really nice cars there, I'll take the red MK2 Escort Mexico please!
  2. I done exactly the same thing, worked out £50 a tyre for 205/55/VR16 Continental Premium Contact 5, first time I've used KF.
  3. Engine seized? Try putting it in 3rd or 4th gear, take the hand brake off and try pushing the car, the engine should turn over.
  4. No styrofoam needed when just using the spacesaver. The top of the spacesaver is flush with the boot floor, which the boot carpet just sits straight on top.
  5. It's above the glove box, you'll need to remove the glove box and there is a metal bracket that holds the module in place, the connector is a bit fiddley to get to, I bent the bracket down & undone the connector.
  6. Exactly, you're cooling the engine down via the heater matrix, as you say a common way to cool the engine down when sat in traffic with a dodgy rad fan.
  7. Euro car parts sell Febi ones for £2.17 each, I've bought Febi ones before from E bay and they look the same as the original MK2 nuts (they may well be the o.e supplier). Last time I had four tyres replaced I jacked the car up and removed all four wheels before the mobile tyre fitter arrived in case this sort of thing happened, you see so many focus/fiesta's on autotrader and ebay with the caps missing off the wheelnuts.
  8. The ecoboost should be run on 5W20 oil to WSS-M2C948-B spec, some garages may put in the 5W30 oil 913C or 913D oil which is usually for the older type of engines. The 1.0 timing belt runs in oil so no flushing oil should be used either. Has the car had regular servicing?
  9. What year did you pay £600 for it? Mid - late eighties I guess, yes nice ones are 40k+, some crop up on ebay more than that though! I remember you could take your pick of sierra 3-door cosworths for £7500, probably getting on for 10 times that now. Would love a MK1 or MK2 escort.
  10. Not been taxed since August 1990, the car maybe in someones garage or was scrapped a long time ago. MK1 RS2000's are ridiculous money now and still seem to be rising.
  11. It's usually known as a type 9 gearbox, I think the long input shaft was fitted to the 2.8i capri and early sierra XR4i although I'm sure they could be modified. It's a rare gearbox now, people seem to retro fit them to the MK1 and MK2 escorts and kitcars with the crossflow/pinto/zetec engines.
  12. This guide is for the MK2 but someone has said it's the same procedure for the MK3.
  13. You'd be better posting that sort of question on the retrorides forum.
  14. Looks like the common MK2/2.5 rear part of sill/wheelarch area, as others have said silver is hard to blend, I wouldn't want to pay much more than 200-250 for the repair, yes chipsaway may be a good shout.
  15. Does the mileage display stay on after you've locked the car, it should go off after 20 minutes, mine was staying on which eventually drained the battery, the fault was the bluetooth module not shutting down which is behind the glovebox, I just disconnected mine and all was fine.