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  1. I think the cambelt is 8 years or 100,000 miles, it is on the MK2.5 focus anyway, which is the same engine.
  2. Yes, very reliable engine, although in the focus they feel a little underpowered, so you're never going to win any races with one. The 1.6 only seem to come in the basic "style" model so you won't get the heated front screen or the bigger screen for the car entertainment system.
  3. The V5 issue date seems to be a newish thing, I noticed they added the information a few weeks ago.
  4. Also the last V5C was issued on the 28/12/19, so the current registered keeper has only owned it for 2 months (the dealer would have filled in the yellow traders section of V5 so shouldn't trigger a new V5 being issued) you can check here on the website.
  5. Yes, I used to use them as well, I think Trust Ford may have taken over the Foray Ford parts warehouse.
  6. Thats what dealers usually put on their keys, I think its some sort of security, they will remove it if you buy the car.
  7. Does sound like oil pump, might be worth having a read of this thread as someone with a Fiesta ecoboost had a similar problem, it turned out to be the pick up pipe mesh being blocked.
  8. Yes you can get the old 1600 ti-vct in the Focus mk3.5 but it is only available in the basic style trim, either in 84 or 104 bhp. the automatics maybe available in other trims.
  9. The 2.0 pinto can be fitted as the RS2000 was fitted with this engine, I think you may have to trim the heater bowl near the bulkhead, also the carb & exhaust are on opposite sides compared to your original cross flow engine.
  10. Might be worth posting a few pictures on the retrorides forum, someone on there may be interested.
  11. The brakes on the MK7 Fiesta's are nothing special, of all the ones I've owed/driven from the 1.6 petrol to the 1.4tdci van (although all have been with drum rear brakes) you have to press them half way down, you especially notice it when you jump into a different car and notice the difference.
  12. No, not really, especially if you've got the 1.0 ecoboost as they're quite deep in a recess.
  13. Twin choke webber round top, automatic choke is controlled by coolant, the MK3 XR3 had the better square top twin choke webber.
  14. I also had an AP50 when I was 16 (one of many bikes when 16/17), mine was the metallic red all original including the pedals. They are worth a fortune now!