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  1. Carbon Wrapping Boot Lid Handle

    I've been planning to do this for months and this has just made me buy some wrap ;) Looks the bees knees OTS!
  2. My New Drl's

    Very nice, will look awesome at night.
  3. Pet Hates

    So i was driving home today at 5pm which i can gladly say i do about 2/3 times a year, due to my work hours. Oh my god! Its like every person who cant drive converges together to try and kill people, but on to the topic i think mostly everyone of my pet hates happend tonight! Ill give a little example and was wandering if you guys have any. Littering - In anyway shape or form, even worse when it hits your car :( The amazing talent of being able to push you from the inside lane of a rounabout, to actualy being on the roundabout ;) People on their phones, but the best bit of all when you give them "the look" they just shrug. Lack of indicators. Anyway rant over :P would love to hear some more pet hates ;)
  4. As the title says just some pictures ive taken over the past couple of weeks, thought id pop them up on here for the sake of it :) Thanks for taking a look anyway :) Tom
  5. Ambient Lights

    No worries, and it can be a distraction due to your peripheral vision been in sight with the footwell and also depending on how bright the lights are. But i suppose it all depends on you as the person if it doesnt bother you go for it :).
  6. Pet Hates

    Aaww i was wanting to go all Starksy and Hutch and whap it on top of my car while chasing after some robbing bandits :(
  7. Fiesta Finesse 2003 Stereo Question

    Sorry to hear about your renault, that doesnt sound very good especially not on christmas day. You werent injured were you? And im asuming as my friend has a finesse that you may need one of thsese http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ford-Fiesta-MK6-Stereo-Fascia-Facia-Aerial-Adaptor-/260797455239 As your stereo is a single tier? If so then that will be needed so you can fit it in, the little comparment is kind of useless but it stops it from looking stupid i suppose.
  8. Pet Hates

    I got into the assesment center for north yorkshire police and was waiting on a date to go up, but then the torys got in and closed them all -_- so just sat here waiting. I tried for the specials but they had to many applicant for west yorkshire. Haha i have enough trouble letting my girlfriend in the car with even a hint of muck on her shoes, not a chance id have a dog in there ;)
  9. Pet Hates

    Ive wanted to be in the police for god knows how long. But jesus that doesnt sound good. Its a good job you had the camera though isnt it. Id have been 10x more gutted if i couldnt prove it was who you thought it was.
  10. Ambient Lights

    You could always just change the bulb for a different colour. But the issue with having them on permenantly is they cause a distraction thats why they wont stay on when factory fitted. There most probably is away but its not a good idea to do it. Why would you want them on constantly by the way?
  11. Pet Hates

    God id love that job! Yeah round my end its usualy Audi's the most impatient set of drivers on the round in my oppinion. The taxis round here arent to bad apart from stopping in ridiculous places.
  12. Just A Couple Of Random Piccies

    Cheers guys :) yeah was quite happy with the last one. I know, it got icey last night and when i went out this morning to go to the shop, and it had later marks all down the sides of the car :( pointless even drying it!
  13. Just A Couple Of Random Piccies

    Was parked up in a Multi-story car park earlier so thought id take a snap.
  14. Just A Couple Of Random Piccies

    I only gave it a quick wash today, and i used Meguiars Nxt Generation Car Wash with a Lambs Wool washing mit and a microfibre drying cloth. It desperately needs clay baring as if you get quite close to it and have a good look its covered in tar, and muck :(
  15. Just A Couple Of Random Piccies

    I know unfortunately, fighting a losing battle in the winter :( Looking forward to giving it a good clay bar and wax when summer comes back around! Yeah i need to get back on that bridge, but its private land so last time i took my car down there i had 2 lovely PCSO's come and tell me to move :( I'm heading off to IKEA tonight to see if i can get some "in motion" shots in the car park as its usually well light, so if i get some ill put them up tomorrow. :)
  16. Pet Hates

    Yeah like the Fabia VRs. But cars from 09 plates back dont, either way i still think it looks ridiuclous, and especially when they dont put their headlights on at night and just leave the fogs and sidelights.
  17. Just A Couple Of Random Piccies

    Cheers matey :) Aye the top 2 were taken today, and had my camera in the passengers seat so thought id take a couple after washing it.
  18. Pet Hates

    After a lot of people have said this, i've noticed more and more people driving round with side lights and fogs on like they are DRLs... I really dont get it. Had a women earlier cut me up, slow down to a good 20mph in a 30mph zone and then when we stopped at the traffic lights she stalled 3 times, meaning by the time she got going again the lights had gone back red ¬_¬
  19. Pet Hates

    Got it from Polar Ford in Huddersfield matey, even though i live closer to Benfields :P Im quite lucky I dont have to drive in rush hour very often, but i dont half feel sorry for the people on here that do. Also on the way home today - Pulling up on a 40mph main road, yellow lines. Putting hazards on to let someone out. But because they slapped their hazards on "Its okay" Ggrrrr
  20. Pet Hates

    That propper had me laughing, what did he do once he jumped out?
  21. Pet Hates

    Adding to my list. - At the airport i work at they charge you £2 to drop people off, so people actualy park ON the rounabout. - People that generaly just park in places that obviously say do not park there. - The tailgating drives me insane, slowing down and watching them get well and truly annoyed makes me happy
  22. Pet Hates

    Its like you were all reading my mind Yeah people in traffic who come blasting past you at like 60 in a 30 to get a car infront of you for the rest of the journey... Does my absolute nut in! So pointless. I never understood the whole flashing thing when someone gets overtaken, like its actualy a bad thing to overtake someone. On that note aswell, undertaking. Not only dangerous but ridiculously stupid.
  23. My Fiesta

    Looks cracking that matey! I get the feeling that someone enjoys waxing their car ;) very nice and shiney! I had a Punto Active Sport before i got my Fiesta, what a pile of... That car was! :P Looking forward to seeing more pics. Tom
  24. Sux To Be Orcomma

    On the topic though, feel for you Orcomma ;) Nothing worse than having cold tootsies!
  25. Sux To Be Orcomma

    So pretty easy then... ;)