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  1. Wickwick10_1

    How Long From The Docks USA To UK

    Dealers won't answer this exact due to the hold ups it can encounter , but cheers Kev for your reply. Hopefully it will be a good motor ? I have been tempted to cancel I must say and look at the Discovery sport but held back and will hopefully enjoy the Edge mate.
  2. Wickwick10_1

    New Ford Edge Club Section

    My edge at the docks in USA ? What's rough delivery time ordered mine June fully loaded edge sport
  3. Wickwick10_1

    How Long From The Docks USA To UK

    Does anyone actually use this site ?
  4. Wickwick10_1

    How Long From The Docks USA To UK

    Ordered my Edge Sport May & Now it's At The Docks , How Long Transport Time From Docks To The Dealer ?
  5. Wickwick10_1

    Picked Up Mrs Fiesta Zs Diesel

    Thanks for that chaps will contact dealer !
  6. Wickwick10_1

    Picked Up Mrs Fiesta Zs Diesel

    Collected wife's new car today and looks super ! Bit strange no aluminium pedals as book states ? Seems a batch were built without and need to get done under warranty ?
  7. Wickwick10_1

    Mk7 Creaking Boot.....?

    I had Mk 7 ZS and mine rattled , ford changed the lock and it went away ? Not sure if this was issue or lock change removal disturbed / cured rattle ?
  8. Wickwick10_1

    My Fiesta Mk7 Front End Finished

    Brush painting just as good mate ! Halfords do high temp paint for about £5 and lasted me for my last 3 cars so personally paint them with brush :-)
  9. Wickwick10_1

    Window Tints Mk7

    Ford priv glass mate
  10. Wickwick10_1

    Window Tints Mk7

    Cheers for that
  11. Wickwick10_1

    Window Tints Mk7

    My pics of my current focus and my previous fiesta are the 2 pictures on the earlier thread mate
  12. Wickwick10_1

    Window Tints Mk7

    My focus was like that so dark at the back
  13. Wickwick10_1

    Window Tints Mk7

    I personally like tints - many say it's illegal which yes I kno but they are my cars and never had any issues - when ford tint the rears so dark I think the front clear glass looks strange and better tinted
  14. Wickwick10_1

    Window Tints Mk7

    The Fiesta and Focus cost me £50 for fronts but go quite light - I had the lightest tint I could on the front and never have police problems !
  15. Wickwick10_1

    Window Tints Mk7

    Mate this was my last car and I think tints look great ! This is my current car and again tinted !