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  1. How Long From The Docks USA To UK

    Dealers won't answer this exact due to the hold ups it can encounter , but cheers Kev for your reply. Hopefully it will be a good motor ? I have been tempted to cancel I must say and look at the Discovery sport but held back and will hopefully enjoy the Edge mate.
  2. New Ford Edge Club Section

    My edge at the docks in USA ? What's rough delivery time ordered mine June fully loaded edge sport
  3. How Long From The Docks USA To UK

    Does anyone actually use this site ?
  4. How Long From The Docks USA To UK

    Ordered my Edge Sport May & Now it's At The Docks , How Long Transport Time From Docks To The Dealer ?
  5. Picked Up Mrs Fiesta Zs Diesel

    Thanks for that chaps will contact dealer !
  6. Picked Up Mrs Fiesta Zs Diesel

    Collected wife's new car today and looks super ! Bit strange no aluminium pedals as book states ? Seems a batch were built without and need to get done under warranty ?
  7. Mk7 Creaking Boot.....?

    I had Mk 7 ZS and mine rattled , ford changed the lock and it went away ? Not sure if this was issue or lock change removal disturbed / cured rattle ?
  8. My Fiesta Mk7 Front End Finished

    Brush painting just as good mate ! Halfords do high temp paint for about £5 and lasted me for my last 3 cars so personally paint them with brush :-)
  9. Window Tints Mk7

    Ford priv glass mate
  10. Window Tints Mk7

    Cheers for that
  11. Window Tints Mk7

    My pics of my current focus and my previous fiesta are the 2 pictures on the earlier thread mate
  12. Window Tints Mk7

    My focus was like that so dark at the back
  13. Window Tints Mk7

    I personally like tints - many say it's illegal which yes I kno but they are my cars and never had any issues - when ford tint the rears so dark I think the front clear glass looks strange and better tinted
  14. Window Tints Mk7

    The Fiesta and Focus cost me £50 for fronts but go quite light - I had the lightest tint I could on the front and never have police problems !
  15. Window Tints Mk7

    Mate this was my last car and I think tints look great ! This is my current car and again tinted !