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  1. Rugby taking over papers and radio, sigh http://t.co/9ni2yef

  2. Neville Southall trending - reminds me of team photo with him in at the R.A.F.A. Club Llandudno, & someone in The Kop throwing a leek at him

  3. Sat outside changing rooms at Debenhams, starving, not had tea yet!

  4. Rugby World Cup - please go away! Posh boys excuse for a punch up.

  5. Loads of vans all around work today, BBC's DIY SOS are filming around the corner at Norris Green Youth Centre

  6. True or False? Popular boyband Westlife were named after Fred West? #ShootingStars

  7. International breaks are crap - really missed Sunday football & MOTD2

  8. If you want to be blocked & reported for spam, keep telling me I've won an iPad2. Telling the wrong person, Apple products are for sheep

  9. A couple of weeks ago I asked what ever happened to ex-Valencia star Vicente? Now signed for Brighton & Hove Albion!!!

  10. Tom Hibbert obituary http://t.co/tR9slAo via @guardian Smash Hits & Q writer Sir Tom of Hibbert. R.I.P.

  11. Ooossshhh! Celebrity Juice back tonight! POTATO!

  12. Still gutted Meireles has gone when there are players left behind that will never be good enough, but if you want to leave, you must be sold

  13. just read some absolute !Removed! about Meireles' attitude v Arsenal & Exeter. Suarez & Raul won us the Arsenal game & injured early v Exeter

  14. Breaking news Jim White going for an s and s before sky sports news later