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  1. Steering Noise

    Morning All Ive got a 1.0L eco boost fiesta bought in march 13. Its got 4.6K on the clock I decided to drive without the radio on yesterday and i came across a noise on my sterring wheel, i cant even but it down as a click or a clunk, but more like a tension noise. This was at 70mph as i changed lanes or even drove straight it made it, seems to be coming from were the wheel turns I then tried it again this morning removing key rings etc and it didnt do it at first then i turned right at 20MPH and it made it again then the next time i turn it doesnt do it, so ive come to the conclusion that its worse at high speed, it seems to be very intermittent, Spoke to Ford dealer were i bought it from and there going to get back in touch, but all i can give them is a very vauge description of what i think is wrong Glad for the 3 year warranty mind Any advice be great Thanks
  2. New Fiesta - Safety Recall?

    How do you check? Ive put my reg plate in on etis ford, were would the information show up after that?
  3. Ford Fiesta Ecoboost Mpg

    Morning Im at 40.2 MPG, 500 miles in, i do 1 junction of motorway and abit of town per day I used to have a 1.4 05 fiesta zetec, ive got a ecoboost 1.0L zetec now. In the old car i got £25 pound to last me 4/5/6 days on average, currently hitting 8 days with the new one Like others have said i dont think it will get the full effect till 1K possibly 2K How do you reset MPG calculator? going to do it after 1K miles to see improvement or not Josh!
  4. Ecoboost 1.0T Mpg & Ecomode Owner Results

    Afternoon 100PS version zetec 1 junction of motorway and a 8 mile round trip to work and a bit of urban 50mph/60mph driving im at 39.8 MPG after 250 miles, cant seem to reach mid 40's atm but thats due to short distances imo Alll 5 scores across the board as regards the eco mode, put £25 pound in 8 days ago and had to fill it up again yesterday, so cant wait to see what its like once its run in etc Josh
  5. New 2013 Fiesta Zetec S

    I've got midnight sky so glad I waited for it Done 130 miles getting 36.1 mpg ATM, can't wait to see what 'run in' mpg is
  6. New 2013 Fiesta Zetec S

    Morning I was under the impression it did this aswel I created a topic a couple of days ago > http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/topic/41864-shift-indicator/ Josh!
  7. Shift Indicator

    How many miles you done Steve? Just passed my first 100 Josh
  8. Shift Indicator

    Reckon 53mpg is possible?
  9. Shift Indicator

    I’ve done just short of 80 miles and its climbing all the time to 34.3 at the minute town driving and 1 junction of MW, I’m assuming this will increase after the 1000K mark settling down period I’ve also found my petrol dial goes down quick whilst MPG goes up All in all I reckon I’m going to save more fuel than the 2005 1.4 Zetec I Part exchanged Cheers! Josh
  10. New Member - New Car

    I've got the zetec 1.0 ecoboost 100bhp version and I love it, it's quite nippy for what it is, the trim inside is good, all tho I expect the titanium to be better Free to tax, cheap insurance, I can't comment on fuel yet as I've only put 25 pounds in and that took me to in between half and 3/4 quarters. I have noticed that the dial for petrol is going down quick were as I have 190M to zero and 32 mpg, assume its running in period for it to stabilise, going by the computer rather then the dial Overall definitely recommend Cheers!
  11. Oil Help

    Cheers mate will do Another qeuestion i asked a few guys at work and they said the only way to lose oil is either A- Burn it off which produces black smoke out of exhaust B- Have a leak I have neither so is it possible i have just used all this oil in this period? Not have much idea of car mechanics etc. Tar
  12. Oil Help

    Hi guys, First post I own a Fiesta 05 plate Zetec its done 91k miles, Bit much i no, But yesterday for first time in ages i checked the oil and i found there wasnt any sight of oil on the dip stick after checking Im just wundering why my oil light didnt activate? It lights up when enginge is started so that rules out any lighting issue. Ive put a litre of oil in as a guide and its taken it too the minimum marker on the stick. So was really low Any Ideas? Cheers lads!