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  1. Hi I have a 2010 60 plate Titanium, with the Sony stereo. I also have an iPhone 3GS, which I've been using with the Ford Audio. I initially used separate USB and aux cables and am now using a Y cable. However, I have had an issue with both setups. When I plug the iPhone in, I wait for the 'ipod initialising' pop up to go and then press the aux button. Most of the time I have no audio, although the screen shows the track playing. I then have to unplug the aux cable from the phone and plug it back in, at which point I get audio. The same thing happened when I tried my new Y cable, and obviously I can't unplug the aux cable from the phone as it's no longer there. I assume it's a software thing but has anyone experienced this? I am on the latest OS4 software on my phone, but have no idea re software on the car. I hope someone can help, it's really frustrating! Thanks :)
  2. Hi all, my car came back from the dealers with working sensors, yay! The culprit was indeed the bubbled paint, so it's all sorted now. As is my aircon, just in time for summer to end!
  3. Thanks guys. My Dad drives a Mondeo and had a similar problem, he said he carefully scratched off the bubbled paint with his nail and that solved it. I might give that a try, but also mention it to the dealer on Tuesday. Can't wait for my aircon to be sorted! Motocrossmad my sensors have always beeped once when I engage reverse, I note your car is a 2011 Zetec S model, I wonder if that's something they've changed? I so wanted a Zetec S but couldn't afford it :(
  4. Hi all First time poster, be nice :) I have a 2010 60 reg Fiesta Titanium, which came with parking sensors. I think it was supposed to be a mobility car but the dealer poached it for me first! Anyway, I'm having an issue with my parking sensors. Intermittently when I put the car into reverse the sensors beep once (normal) and then beep rapidly as if I'm reversing towards something, except all there is is fresh air. I've noticed that the paint on one of the sensors is bubbled and I wondered whether this could be causing the problem? Has anyone else had this issue? The car is going to the dealer on Tues for the condensor to be replaced after a stone flew up and broke it so I was going to mention it to them then. Thanks
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