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  1. Kamaz, Uaz, Zil, Gaz, kaikki saman katon alta Malmilta!

  2. RPD hyytyy pikkuhiljaa neste tankkauksen liikakäytön johdosta joten "farewell folks"...Keep keep gouing on, keep keep gouing on...

  3. Kipsilevyt seinässä, ryhmä Ztaan burritolle. Sehän on pääsiäisruokaa.

  4. I checked back in as already second homeland dealer said that he confirmed from Ford that if I now go and buy Ford Sony MP3 player Ford cannot guarantee that all gadgets of my 2008 Mondeo will work, and continue to work after maintenance upgrades, with Sony MP3 player. So, in 2011 with a 2008 model car I stop listening MP3's and revert back to CD.
  5. OK, thank you for the comment. Perhaps I just need to try it.
  6. Hello Forders. My selection criteria for a new car is

    - Ford

    - xenon

    - mp3 player

    - the rest

  7. Hmm.. perhaps I was unclear. Ford 6000CD does not play mp3's by design. This is my problem rather than 6000CD not reading my discs burned at fast speed. I want a mp3 capable player designed for the car, and that would be the Ford Sony MP3 player. Just if I'd get proof that existing Bluetooth unit fully functions with new radio I'd be bying the unit now! Cheers, Timo
  8. Greetings from Finland. I needed to expand my support ring outside home location as I just cannot find a clear answer. Not even from Ford representatives. Situation: 2008 Mondeo 2.0 TDCi Titanium Wagon with - Convers+ display with steering wheel buttons - Ford 6000CD player - factory fitted Bluetooth/Voice commands Problem: cannot play MP3 (AUX In not appropriate - OK for temporary use) Suggested solution: buy Ford Sony MP3 Gen 2 unit from eBay and replace 6000CD. Assume all bluetooth/voice/convers+/stalk controls and things work just like with 6000CD. I had one seller who was kind enough to warn that in his 2010 Focus he lost Bluetooth/Voice when he replaced factory fitted 6000CD with Ford Sony Gen 2 from 2009. Focus and Sony partly communicated as pressing Voice button outputted word "Voice" on Sony's display but that was all he could get out of it. Bluetooth didn't work. Now, knowing that I have 2 years older Ford, does somebody know what will happen if I fit the Sony in my dash? - does Convers+ show song details - can I operate with voice commands? - can I call via Bluetooth - can I remotely control Sony from steering wheel buttons and Convers+ menus? - aren't all audio units same for Focus & Mondeo? Meaning that that same Ford Sony MP3 player can be found on Focuses & Mondeos? I am this close giving in and throwing mp3 CDs out. This is my last attempt to get better sound and mp3's. Please help me! Cheers, Timo