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  1. My Fiesta Metal

    I just ordered an ST but I will mss Darth my Metal. he really as got it going on!
  2. Wing Mirror Replacement Help!

    I dont know about the mirror man but for comparison Ford charged me about £44 to replace mine.
  3. Metal On The Road

    At last common sense has broken out!
  4. Metal On The Road

    I have not seen one on the road yet. Mine is due end of Sept.
  5. Foc Meet 16Th October 2011

    I'm up for it will have the metal by then.
  6. De-Tangoed

    Many thanks all
  7. De-Tangoed

    Sorry to be a spanner but I am a bit new to all off this. What is de-tangoing?? Cheers
  8. Fiesta Metal Power Difference

    That's usefull, one of the reasons I ordered it was for a firmer more positive ride. I don't want to modify it too much because of the insurance, but I was thinking of getting a cone filter on it to change the engine note and maybe squeeze another couple of bhp out of it.
  9. Fiesta Metal Power Difference

    Thanks for that I can't wait. :D
  10. Fiesta Metal Power Difference

    I currently drive a Fiesta 1.6 Titanium and I am waiting for my new Fiesta Metal to be delivered at the end of September. I was wondering if the difference in the power and handling will be noticable? Has anyone on here driven the Metal yet?