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  1. So it turns out they were the right way round. I tried rotating them 180 and they were even worse. So, upon turning them around the original way I inserted the bulb first, then pushed on the electrical connector, as per previously suggested. Huge improvement! Previously by putting the connector on first then pushing into the holder it must not have seated properly. Also, I can fully recommend the philips xtreme vision +130% bulbs. I've always used philips upgrade bulbs but I've never used the +130% due to the price. But eurocarparts stock them for £20 (still £10 cheaper than most online bulb stockists) and a lot cheaper then when they originally came out.
  2. many thanks for the video! very useful, I think the one thing I didn't do was put the bulb in place first then push the connector on, I did it the opposite way round, Maybe if I do it this way the bulb will be in the correct position. Thanks for the tip, but I made sure to wear gloves and give the bulb a clean with some alcohol to be safe. Will report back!
  3. cool cheers mate! might be tomorrow night before I get a chance though, thanks for your offer! I'm probably just being a plum.
  4. Hi, yeah that was the first thing I checked but it is set to 0 and the lights are still focussed really close to the front of the car. As I say the beam pattern is all wrong but I can't see what I'm doing wrong (probably something really daft!)
  5. Hi guys, Very long time no speak, hope you are all doing well. I have a question to ask that I am sure you guys will be able to help with. I changed the main (dipped) bulbs in my MK2.5 focus the other night but when driving it yesterday I noticed the aim was way out (far too low). Furthermore, the focus (no pun intended) was all wrong with a very bright spot in the middle with a poor diffuse spread of light around, and no sharp cut off when aimed at a wall. I was careful to seat the new bulbs in the same orientation as the ones I took out, i.e. with the little metal tab that protrudes from the base towards the top, is this incorrect? Should that be positioned at the bottom? If someone could confirm for me it would be hugely appreciated. Also, when sliding the bulb holder back in along the guide rail I would have thought there would have been a click when seated properly, but didn't notice anything. I realise I will need to adjust the aim itself but I feel like given the poor beam pattern it is not simply that. Thanks guys Steve
  6. i know this is pure laziness as I could go out and measure it but I was wondering this today and surprised to see it on the forum so thought I'd ask anyway, but does anyone know for sure the i.d. of the washer tubing for the mk2.5?
  7. cool, thanks. a bit odd that they dont light up
  8. hi guys, I noticed tonight that the front and rear foglight symbols on the light switch unit do/are not lighting up but now I cant remember if they ever did or if they should (although I'd imagine they would). Would somebody mind checking the next time they are in their car and see if these should light up? Would be much appreciated! its a 59 plate focus if that makes a difference. cheers
  9. yeah i put in random names and email addresses so I can get new qoutes based on changing my car, having additional drivers etc. it is a joke really, job description really shouldnt come into it (especially if you dont have your car insured for commuting!). the fact here we need to specify if we commute using our cars is a joke in itself). my mate who lives in germany says its much better there as you insure the car not 'yourself' therefore anyone can drive it and prices are sensible. I cant believe in this day and age the whole industry isnt regulated.
  10. mate tell me about it. i was sitting at a red light two years ago when someone run into the back of my car. my insurance is know £40 a year more even thought it was not my fault. apparently because i was involved in an accident I am deemed to be more likely to be involved in another. complete joke, what are you meant to do, run a red light so the person behind you doesnt go into the back of you? even more annoying I enquired as to what discount i would get if i completed teh IAM course...£7 discount so you can be innocently at not to blame involved in an accident and they justified this as a £40 increase but if you have shown the aptitude and have the skills to be IAM accredited it is only worth £7 off. sigh, rant over....
  11. Just a heads up for anyone with admiral insurance, I was reading forums about how admiral can sometimes be a tad over-zealous when it comes to not paying out due to undeclared modifications on things as trivial as car mats, mudflaps etc. perhaps i was being paranoid but for my own peace of mind i just phoned them up to ask about mods i have planned namely mud flaps, sill plates and car mats (I know I would never have dreamt car mats counting as a mod but these rumours are all over other forums so thought I'd check). Anyway, car mats are fine, mud flaps/sill plates count as an exterior mod but it only cost an additional £16.20. Ok I know thats a bit of a rip off really but I think for peace of mind its worth it, knowing you are completely covered. Just thought I'd post this up for 2 reasons: 1, incase anyone has fitted mud flaps and was worried telling their insurer incase they charge you something ridiculous and 2, for anyone (like me) who didnt realise these counted as mods. btw all these parts I have to fit are genuine ford) I'd imagine the vast majority of insurers wouldn't care too much about these kind of things but admiral will charge for any little thing! I cant complain though as they usually are quite a bit cheaper than anyone else!
  12. cheers mate, i always knew that it if need be I could splice into the courtesy light loom, but my knowledge of electronics and splicing/crimping/soldering skills are non-existent! if it was a plug and play job i'd definitely give it a go though! I keep meaning to remove the light and have a peek at the wiring but keep forgetting to. My girlfriend is off for a long weekend though this weekend and I plan on giving the car a day long clean and prep for winter (including an attempt at a few stone chip repairs ) so i'll have a good investigation into what's hiding behind the roof lining.
  13. does anyone know if the wiring is present for the rear courtesy light and the vanity lights? i have a '59 zetec but only have the main courtesy light. Would attempt to fit the extra lights if I take my brave pills and the wiring was already there.
  14. I'll back you up on this, as a materials chemist and an aerospace engineer (9 years at uni for 2 different degrees and a PhD) and years working in a steel treatment plant hardening metals, petrol cannot 'strip' the hardening. Hardening involved immersing the steel component in a cyanide bath until the carbon and nitrogen atoms in the salts infuse into the top few mm of the steel, it is not a separate layer, rather it changes the chemical composition of the steel itself (how deep depending on the treatment process- longer it is immersed the further into the component the carbon/nitrogen atoms will infuse). You cannot simply just take them back out again with petrol (or any solvent for that matter). Agreed it could have an effect on seals, V-power might be a good idea or some other kind of additive. Perhaps it would be a good idea to run BG44K cleaner through the system? always seems to get good reviews..
  15. I cant believe I never knew about this, would also have thought it would have mentioned something in the haynes manual. I know they all have a generic "how to jump start a car" section copied and pasted into every manual but you would have thought it would have been mentioned! maybe it is and I've just never read it because I didnt know it was bad to jump start fords