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  1. put my car into my local garage,and they could not find any faults ( no codes coming up)So they changed my fuel filter,which made no difference.I then booked it in to a diesel specialist garage who quickly found and repaired the fault ( cam position sender).If you are having a similar problem it is worthwhile fitting this yourself ( £10 ebay) and 10 minutes work,as if this is the fault its cheap as against a diagognostic charge and fit of £90.Even if it doesnt work you have only lost £10.
  2. I decided not to do anything about the noise as I presumed it was flywheel/clutch problem.However the middle box started blowing so \\\i replaced it,and guess what the noise has gone!!!!!
  3. I have fitted a towbar to my 2002 mondeo mk3.google towbar wiring diagram to find out what goes where, then just find the wire on your rear light cluster and connect the correct wire from the towbar socket.I only fitted the black lighting socket so did not need a relay.If you are fitting a twin socket tou may need a relay.Have a look at a towbar supplier and put in your car details they will say if you need a relay
  4. I have a mk3 2ltr diesel.When pressing in clutch pedal to engage first gear there is a clonking voise from the engine.Other than that runs ok,no vibration on pedaland does not slip on acceleration.Gratefull for any advice.Thanks
  5. I have a 2002 mk3 diesel mondeo,which was running rough.Ifitted a blanking plate (ebay £3.00).Fitting is easy (10 minutes) Loosen the 2 bolts on the side of the egr valve were the solid chrome pipe fits ,slide in the plate and retighten.No need to clean anything.Your egr should be same as mine vacuum controlled,so no problems,car now runs great.
  6. I posted a few weeks ago,with my 03 mondeo 130.It was ok only on tickover, or full throttle anything inbetween it was missfiring and smoking,I was advised to check for splits in intercooler hose which I did and also all vacuum pipes,everything was ok.I am now happy to say the problem solved,I bought and fitted a blanking off plate.Happy days are here again
  7. Thanks for tip on hose will check this w/e
  8. My mk3 mondeo diesel (130)starts and ticks over perfect,but when driven normally misfires after approx 1500rpm.I took it to a friendly garage for diagnosis, they told me no faults showing up,and advised before taking it back to them to change diesel fuel filter and add some wynnes system cleaner to diesel tank,this I have done and after 150miles still misfiring.I have noticed that if I floor the accelerator when changing gear and keep it floored when in top gear NO misfire,so at the moment I am travellind in the highest gear possible,and when my speed is too fast,foot completely off pedal,then to speed up foot on the floor,if I try to cruise misfires,will appreciate any advice before going back to garage Thanks
  9. Thanks to all for info on reversing lights,but today I think my turbo is on its way out,so reversing lights on hold Thanks Bill
  10. Thanks for reply,never thought about a relay.Have you any idea where the relay is?Thanks
  11. bulbs ok,but feed wire is dead.Tested connector on gearbox switch no power either wire.tested fuse (no.80) behind glove box,ok====but when I tried my test light on the fusebox connectors that the fuse connects with they were also dead.Ignition is switched on and in reverse gear.I need help!!!!!!