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  1. Rear Spoiler For Mark 6

    Anyone got any pics and suggest somewhere to get one from?
  2. Metal On The Road

    Yeah lost as ordered to my spec......I ordered before my girlfriend and me got serious but found house and made offer......sooner lose £500 than struggle to pay for car and house. Will get one in 3 years 2nd hand I hope. My future happiness more important than car at moment
  3. Fiesta Mk Vi 2004

    Hi, I have just bought a 2004 1.4 flame and looking to put a spoiler on rear really lacking one. Anyone got any pics of theres and where is best to buy from. thanks
  4. Metal On The Road

    Well I decided to buy a house instead! so I lost my £500 deposit. Bit disappointing but having house more important. So if anyone wants a metal and see before buy try hawkins motors wem shropshire.....its nice. I had a few pics on phone so will get them on here! Instead i got a 2004 1.4 flame.....not quite the same but least cash buy so no risk to mortage
  5. Metal On The Road

    Well looks like some fun winding up on this thread ! ha! My Fiesta metal has arrived.....in the showroom im just waiting for the DVLA documents to come. Will put pics on when I have it on road
  6. Fiesta Metal

    Mine has arrived been to see in showroom this morning. Just waiting for DVLA to get number plate documents to me now.
  7. Metal On The Road

    So anyone got one on road yet?
  8. Your Fiesta

    Well its nothing special but heres mine....will see if I have some others of it Soon to be changed :)
  9. Hi All

    Its seen better days just gone past 121000 miles.....but what a car its been. Soon changing for Fiesta Metal :) Would love to able to keep it but just cant afford to :(
  10. How long have your exhausts lasted? know strange question but on buying my 2001 fiesta in 2005 its had the original on it(done 34000 miles)im now past 121000 miles and still th original. Fair play to ford. Im due to get rid of car in 3 weeks so praying it holds out :)
  11. Hi All

    Better Lenny ;)
  12. Hi All

    Well 3 weeks to go for this one hopefully
  13. Hi All

    well just joined site. In all fairness been using as guest since July as only place could find decent images of the Fiesta Metal I have ordered Current car is 2001 fiesta 1.25 freestyle.....so big step up. But current car has been amazing. done 121,000 miles(87,000 of them mine) and still has original exhaust :) and other day we had a bit of fun and still reaches 3 digits :) Will try and get some pics of old girl up....seen better days but has to keep running for next 4 weeks.
  14. Fiesta Metal

    Ordered mine on 19/07....not heard anything but then I have not been to dealer since. Leaving them to it. I was given late September as date.....take it that will mean 1st October Gone for White with privacy glass and city pack. Pics look good that i've seen but think look better in flesh/Metal ;)